Houston, TX – While most workers are able to carry out their job duties on a daily basis without issue, there are some workplaces that have consistent issues with harassment, discrimination, and other problems. There are a number of crucial signs that workers may discover when can indicate that harassment is happening or other problems. Anyone who has experienced a specific injury such as a job loss or demotion due to harassment should speak with a lawyer to explore their options.

Hostile work environment

An important issue for harassment claims and related workplace problems is proving that a work environment is hostile. This can be done by demonstrating that workers were constantly unhappy or stressed due to problems such as verbal abuse and improper treatment that occurs based on the victim’s gender or other qualities and characteristics that are protected by law. If gender based harassment is an issue, the gender of the perpetrator and the victim does not matter, as a person of any gender can be a victim.

Sudden changes

Some employers attempt to cover up their harassment or illegal conduct by terminating workers or making other sudden changes. At times, this is even done as a form of retaliation against workers who have reported illegal conduct. This kind of retaliation is also illegal and can result in additional lawsuits or other actions. Workers should retain any evidence that they believe is discriminatory or illegal.

Workers who are given ultimatums

When a worker has their job threatened by a superior who has either requested sexual favors or disciplined a worker for speaking out against this kind of conduct, this is also illegal. Demanding any kind of similar conduct as a condition for an employee to keep their job is one of the most serious forms of harassment.

Taking action and receiving compensation

Workers who have dealt with these kinds of issues from superiors or coworkers do have the right to notify their employer’s human resources department and seek legal advice. The employer may be able to resolve the situation internally and discipline the workers responsible. Many employers now have a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, but enforcement and prevent are not always perfect. If an employee has lost their job, lost wages and income, or faced other serious problems because of harassment, they can receive compensation for lost wages and other expenses. The employer may also face additional sanctions and lawsuits if the conduct is serious or widespread.

Learning more about harassment lawsuits

Any victim of harassment, gender discrimination, or related workplace problems can get assistance from a licensed attorney in Texas. Moore and Associates is a reputable firm that focuses their efforts on labor and employment law.

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