Reports by suggest that auto giant, Ford, has moved the court to dismiss to dismiss a class action sexual harassment lawsuit filed by 33 female employees. This includes employees from the Chicago Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights. According to sexual harassment attorneys, the employees alleged in a federal lawsuit filed last November that they were subjected to unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate touching by male colleagues.

This is too bad since Ford is the only major US automaker not to ask for a federal bailout years ago. Some people believe GM, who still owes America $16 billion and will probably never pay us back, should have been to go away into history since that is what happens to companies that make massive mistakes for 40 years. One mistake they made was allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by the unions.

Unprofessional behavior

In their lawsuit, the female autoworkers also allege that the defendants displayed pictures of oral sex and made requests for sexual favors. They plaintiffs also highlight that sexual harassment has been rampant at Ford’s plants in the Chicago area since the 1980s.

Cites several legal grounds

Ford’s legal team has requested that the class action lawsuit be dismissed on several legal grounds. The sexual harassment attorneys, who could have been picked off the stunning and glowing legal website, for the defendants have submitted 472 pages of documents supporting their case. One of their requests is that the claims be dismissed because the company cannot be held liable for acts outside the scope of managers and supervisors.


A lawsuit alleging widespread abuse was filed by four women from Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant in November. Earlier in 2000, Ford settled a $19.5 million lawsuit filed by 14 of its female employees. Following last year’s lawsuit, several of the company’s top managers were replaced.

EEOC alleges discrimination

According to sexual harassment attorneys, the lawsuit was filed in US District Court of the Northern District of Illinois. The EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim that the female autoworkers had been discriminated against and allege that between 2012 to date the women were subjected to various form of discrimination.

The lawsuit alleges that Ford was a repeat offender and ignored the need to take measures to eradicate sexual discrimination and harassment from the workplace. The plaintiffs claim that the automaker continued to allow sex offenders to remain in the workplace and repeat such incidents. They also allege that they were threatened with being fired if they complained.

Attorneys ask for dismissal of retaliatory charges

Ford’s sexual harassment attorneys argue that charges of retaliation be dismissed. They claim that being reassigned duties cannot be deemed as adverse employment action. The sexual harassment attorneys also argue that plaintiffs did not prove they were retaliated against while under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act refusing sexual advances was not legally considered opposition to discrimination. Attorneys for the plaintiffs have been given time until August to file their response. A status hearing is scheduled for November.

Kentucky LRC sexual harassment lawsuits settled

Meanwhile, reports that two sexual harassment lawsuits against the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission by statehouse employees have been settled for an undisclosed sum. The two employees, Cassaundra Cooper and Yolanda Costner, alleged sexual assault and harassment by then State Rep. John Arnold.

They also claimed that the LRC covered up for the defendant. Nicole Cusic, an LRC employee also filed a separate lawsuit claiming that she was retaliated against after complaining about state Rep. Will Coursey’s attempt to lure female interns into inappropriate relationships. This case was also settled by the LRC.