Catherine Bergin has worked selflessly as a church volunteer for the majority of her life but has never had to face such abuse before. Supposedly, Father Nicholas Assi was a family friend and he even bought edible treats for the Bergin children very often. But their relationship is far from friendly these days. Bergin has filed a lawsuit through her sexual harassment attorney against father Nicholas Assi in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Father Nicholas Assi, who used to serve as the assistant pastor in the American Martyrs from 2009 up until the complaint surfaced last year, has been named as a defendant in the lawsuit along with the archdiocese itself.

The allegations against the priest and his confession

According to the lawsuit, Catherine Bergin, a married mother of three, was snipping branches from a hanging basket for evening mass on April 17th, 2014 when the incident occurred. Allegedly, Assi had come up from behind the plaintiff and put his arms around her. She claims he whispered “hi darling” and then proceeded to massage the woman’s abdomen area in a clockwise motion.

In the lawsuit, she also alleges that he even put his nose in her neck and took deep breaths. Bergin claims that when Assi attempted to shove his hand deeper into her pants she pushed herself away from him. So she was OK with everything else?

Bergin is not pleased that the archdiocese hasn’t removed the accused priest from his position, but has instead just transferred him to another church. The archdiocese maintains that Assi has no other complaints against him and have hence restored him as a priest in wonderful standing.

Reportedly, Assi has admitted to his wrongdoings and has apologized to Bergin in an interview with an investigator hired by the archdiocese.

Bergin clearly doesn’t feel an apology is sufficient and is seeking unspecified damages for both past and future medical, psychotherapy, and other related expenses. Many other people believe she wants to be paid and believes her “stress” is not genuine. Assi should be fired that is for sure.

Fire rescue department chief retires in the middle of sexual harassment investigation

55-year old David Solorzano is a self-proclaimed flirt. In an interview with investigators, he described himself as a goofy guy and a natural flirt who tries to make people comfortable. Solorzano is a Tampa Fire Rescue Personnel Chief who retired from his position with full benefits very recently.

The Chief may claim that his intentions were to make people around him feel comfortable but he has done the exact opposite in the case of Hannah Gray. Gray is a Tampa firefighter who is also retired with an on-job disability.

Gray and her sexual harassment attorney have accused the Chief of touching her inappropriately, locking his hands around her waist, and attempts to kiss and give her backrubs.

The Chief has denied these allegations. He maintains that Gray never told him she was uncomfortable with any of his behavior. This does not matter though; she could have been worried about her job if she did reject his actions.

Just like there are two sides to a coin and moreover, it has transpired that some women in the department are in agreement with Gray and some are clearly enraged by these allegations.

While a couple of female firefighters admitted to feeling uncomfortable around the presence of the Chief, some others have taken to social media to express their disapproval towards Gray and her allegations. Sexual predators are present everywhere. Do not sweep the untoward incident under the carpet, use to hire an excellent sexual harassment law firm such as Dinsmore Stark.