Houston, TX – Individuals who have their civil rights violated can bring a federal case in the local United States courts if there were certain kinds of discrimination or harassment at issue. Sexual harassment claims that end up in federal court allow the victim to receive a number of different remedies that may include compensation, reinstatement into their old position, or even injunctions that force an employer to make changes. 

Protections from federal civil rights laws

Employees who were affected by harassment or various other forms of workplace discrimination can bring a federal lawsuit under a law called Title VII, which is part of a broader civil rights law that covers many forms of illegal behavior. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that victims of sexual harassment can be the same gender as the perpetrator, and lawsuits can be filed under this law regardless of the genders of the individuals involved. 

Remedies offered to those who have suffered from harassment

The damages and remedies available to people who are successful under this federal law may include different forms of relief depending on the specifics of the case. The employer may be subject to an injunction that requires an end to the harassment and illegal conduct, and they may be forced to take other measures under the injunction as well to limit the possibility of future harassment. A person who was terminated can possibly be put back into their old position, if they were terminated for a reason that was found to be retaliatory or illegal. Various types of lost or missed wages that were due to the employer’s illegal conduct can be paid out as a form of damages. These are often dated from the time the employer’s misconduct or other important events started to happen. 

Punitive damages are a type of payments forced against the defendant by the courts to deter extreme forms of misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Depending on the severity of the deviation from accepted workplace behavior, the employer may have to pay the victim punitive damages. 

Legal fees and attorney’s fees may also have to be paid by the party that lost the case to the winning side, as if common in many civil cases. 

The services of an attorney who focuses on harassment claims

Anyone who is concerned about workplace behavior can have a confidential discussion with a lawyer about their situation. The attorney can help discern whether the behavior in question actually rises to the level of being an actionable sexual harassment claim under the relevant laws. 

Learning about the potential for a lawsuit

There are lawyers who assist local clients in Houston with all matters related to employment lawsuits. Moore and Associates is an experienced firm that focuses on labor issues and regulations in Texas. 

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