When is it Considered Sexual Harassment?

Columbia, SC sexual harassment attorneys handle various types of cases, however, many go unnoticed because the victim isn’t aware their rights were violated.

If you engage in conversation with your coworkers, then you are like most working individuals who have a nine to five job. We spend several hours a day at our jobs so conversing with others isn’t exactly uncommon. The only difference between a workplace conversation and one that would transpire out of the work environment is that certain things shouldn’t be discussed and vulgar or inappropriate language shouldn’t be used.

But what happens when a conversation takes a turn in the wrong direction and a coworker starts saying things that make you uncomfortable? While you may have laughed it off the first time as it probably caught you off guard, it may have left the individual thinking that that type of behavior and language was acceptable in your presence.

So, if any employee who works with you made any sort of sexual remark or put you in an awkward situation where you felt uncomfortable, you need to address the issue before it gets out of hand. You see, many sexual harassment cases start out with simple gestures that aren’t forceful or makes you do something that violates your rights. But if you allow the dirty jokes to pass or the sexual comments made at you, it doesn’t give the message that it is inappropriate, even though every employee is aware of what is considered appropriate workplace behavior.

Making it known that you aren’t comfortable with any sort of inappropriate talk can help to reduce the chances of it occurring again. But what if it does or what if it already did?

What Should I Do If I Was Sexually Harassed at Work?

If your coworker made any sort of advance at you, forced themselves on you, made you engage in sexual activity that was against your will, or made sly sexual comments towards you, you do need to consider reporting the issue. Whoever it is you report to is more than likely the person you need to speak with. And if you feel that you matter isn’t being taken seriously, you can then contact USAttorneys who will find you a well-respected sexual harassment attorney in Columbia, SC who will see to it that something is done.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that not only occurs in the work field but also in universities. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and the most important thing is that justice is served and you hold those who engaged in the illegal act responsible for their actions. Although you may be a bit apprehensive as you are worried about how your coworker or even boss is going to respond after finding out you reported them, keeping it a secret is only going to make matters worse for you.

Therefore, if you are currently debating whether or not you should take action, at least consult with a sexual harassment lawyer in South Carolina who can provide you with options and information you may need to know.

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