The number of commuters in Los Angeles County complaining of sexual harassment on buses and trains has increased in the last six months. An article in the Los Angeles Times points out to figures released by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

So much for liberals and their push for everyone to take public transportation! But this is something sexual harassment lawyers love to here, or not!

According to these figures, 19%, or one in five riders, have at one time or the other experienced some kind of sexual harassment while traveling in public transportation. Nearly 7% of female commuters have been groped or fondled and another 8% have witnessed indecent exposure.

The worrying figure

Nearly 78% of people using the LA Metro do not have access to cars and their own transportation. And, after conducting 20,000 surveys on Metro trains and buses, there is a huge question mark hanging over the safety of women using the LA County’s rail network.

Drive your own car (if you can)!

The Metro is trying very hard to get people to leave their cars at home and begin using the public transit system. However, if women commuters are sexually harassed while riding buses and trains, they would prefer using their own transportation. That is obvious!

The Metro states there has been a 3% decrease in sexual harassment and the officials give credit to their public awareness campaign entitled “It’s Off Limits”. Through this campaign passengers are being requested to report any form of sexual harassment by telephone. This campaign resulted in 99 reports being filed with the Sheriff’s Department in 2014 for indecent exposure, physical harassment, and verbal harassment. This has sexual harassment attorneys in a frenzy.

However and moreover, this number is considered quite low when you take into account the thousands of incidents that were reported during the survey conducted by the Metro.

It is believed a lot of victims do not file a complaint because they are ashamed, they do not remember the details or they are in a rush to get to work or class and know filing a report takes time.


The gender role

Cultural gender relations appear to play a role in sexual harassment. An article published in the National Law Journal highlights this beautifully. The article states, the District Court for the District of Columbia was the first court in the United States that made sexual harassment as a type of discrimination.

The landmark judgment in Williams v. Saxbe in 1976 was instrumental in federal, state, and local legislations that made unwanted sexual harassment at the workplace a crime. But the article goes on to state that workers are not accorded the same level of protection in other countries; and sexual harassment attorneys agree with this fact.

While many countries have laws against sexual harassment, there are cultural barriers that prevent these laws from being enacted. In these countries, women don’t have the same rights as men. While the US has laws that treat men and women as equals, there are jurisdictions within the country where societal norms prevent women from reporting sexual harassment.

A 2014 report on gender disparities published by the World Economic Forum, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, shows gender gaps in countries have an effect on the enforcement of sexual harassment laws. The higher the gap, the lower the level of protection accorded to women facing sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment attorneys agree in places where problems in awareness of sexual harassment and enforcement of anti-harassment laws persist, it is easier to have preventive measures in place, as they are more cost-effective than actually addressing formal sexual harassment complaints. But if this does not work and you have been a victim of this atrocious behavior, this is the site for you.

This said, if you are a victim of sexual harassment, be it on public transportation or the workplace, you should immediately report it. It also is advisable to consult astute and cognizant sexual harassment lawyers who can recommend the next course of action. The ones found on the potent legal site would have no problem doing that!