Dallas, TX- Just one day after standing by newly hired transportation director Jesse Lovelace, the Dallas Independent School District announced they let him go.

DISD told the media that Lovelace disclosed the accusations to them during the application process, and decided to fire him after the Dallas Morning News broke the story.

According to the newspaper, Lovelace was accused of sexually harassing a female bus driver when he worked as a supervisor for the Atlanta School District. The bus driver alleged that Lovelace made vulgar and inappropriate comments to her between 2008 and 2009.

The woman alleged that in one troubling incident, Lovelace locked her in a closet and exposed his genitals to her. She alleged that he was attempting to pull down her pants and have sex with her and only stopped when she screamed. She alleged that shortly after the incident she was fired for refusing his advances.

The city of Atlanta agreed to pay the victim $190,000 to settle her sexual harassment suit. A fact that Lovelace disclosed on his application with DISD, claiming that the city’s investigation found no wrongdoing on his part.

That was not entirely true, according to the Dallas Morning News, who spoke with spokesperson for the Atlanta School District who said that Lovelace was not cleared of the sexual harassment allegations. He was cleared of allegations that he retaliated against another employee who witnessed sexual harassment.

After defending Lovelace’s hire on Monday, DISD decided to let him go and find another person to fill the position.

People who have been accused of sexual harassment aren’t doomed to be serial sexual harassers. Granted the allegations against Lovelace are a bit disturbing, but people can learn from their mistakes if they are appropriately disciplined. A person can realize the errors of their ways and not subject any more employees to unwanted or inappropriate attention, but they must receive the necessary training and must be disciplined if do harass a coworker. Employers are required by federal law to protect their employees from a hostile work environment, and failing to so means an employer could be subjected to civil action.

If you have been the target of discrimination or sexual harassment or have faced retaliation, a sexual harassment attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for your emotional distress and loss of wages. Your employer is supposed to protect you, not allow to be abused or subject you to additional mistreatment. If they are fulfilling their duties to their employees, they need to be held accountable in the court of law.

You don’t have to put up with sexual harassment. If you have taken the right steps and no one is helping your end this abusive behavior contact one of the sexual harassment attorneys at USAttorneys to evaluate your case and tell what you need to do next. They’ll stand up for your rights and work to ensure you get the justice you deserve.