Former Weber Justice Court Judge Craig Storey has been accused of sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and inappropriate behavior by his Chief Clerk Marcia Eisenhour. The lawsuit which was closed in 2012 by a district court has now opened again after three years by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

The lawsuit filed by Eisenhour’s sexual harassment attorney includes an 11-page poem of a sexually provocative nature that the judge had written about Eisenhour. The lawsuit also alleges that the judge often stood with his groin against Eisenhower’s body.

Weber County judge pens sexually provocative poem about Chief Clerk

The two sides disagree about the poem. Sexual harassment attorney for Eisenhour claims his client found the poem while cleaning up Storey’s room. She was shocked when she read it and asked a couple of other clerks that saw it to never talk about it again. Eisenhour did not even tell her husband about her discovery.

The defense however has another version of what had transpired. They claim that Eisenhour actually stole the poem and did not hesitate in passing around copies of the poem to anyone and everyone, and claim she even faxed it to her sister.

The poem describes a dream Storey had about Eisenhour in which she was naked from the waist up, washing dishes in the court’s break room. The poem also refers to the Chief Clerk’s body and expresses Storey’s desire to remove her clothing. Storey goes on to write about how having to stay an arm’s length away from her was like torture.

The plaintiff claims that even though she tucked the poem away in a credenza and pretended she never read it, Storey later included the poem in a pad he handed to her asking her to file it. Eisenhour claims Storey wanted to make sure that she read the poem.

Eisenhour was offered a settlement of $40,000 by Weber County 5 years ago but she did not accept it. Weber County was also named as a defendant in the lawsuit who ironically had filed the original complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission following an investigation against story in 2008.

Veteran homicide prosecutor has himself been prosecuted for sexual harassment

Two women that worked in the unit headed by a veteran prosecutor named Gary Hearnsberger have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the man.

The women, Beth Silverman and Tannaz Mokayef, allege that Hearnsberger discriminated against them and assigned them stale cases since they did not allow him to engage in sexual banter with them. Both women claim that since they did not do him any sexual favors the Deputy District Attorney would publicly criticize their work ethic and professionalism. Sexual harassment should never be swept under the carpet, hire a sexual harassment attorney using credible online resources like

The women allege that other women that worked in the unit that allowed Hearnsberger to have his way with them were assigned special cases and provided with opportunities for promotions.

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According to Silverman, Hearnsberger would walk behind her every chance he got so he could place his hands on her buttocks. And according to Mokayef, Hearnsberger would often make lewd comments about how she smelled. The District Attorney’s office has not made any comments regarding the allegations.