Hillary Clinton has been accused of many things since she stepped into the political spotlight, some being rather serious during this past presidential election. But now, she is being accused of “protecting” one of her top advisors, Burns Strider, in her 2008 campaign from being fired after he was accused of “repeatedly sexually harassing a young subordinate,” according to the New York Times. Strider, who is a Granada native, co-founded and is president of American Values Network which is expected “to enroll, engage, and enable faithful Americans and others of goodwill to stand up, speak out, and actively participate in building up the American family and community values that have always been at the core of our successful efforts to create a ‘more perfect union.” He also owns a political consulting firm.

When the 30-year-old woman who has not yet been identified came forward claiming that Strider engaged in acts of sexual misconduct, Clinton wasn’t prepared to let him go. And many others who worked around him didn’t believe these actions fit his character. However, many of the recent reports of sexual harassment that have come out have shocked many as no one expected them to be a perpetrator either. The woman claimed Strider had “rubbed her shoulders inappropriately and kissed her on the forehead” during the time she shared an office with the Mississippi native. He was also accused of “sending her a string of suggestive emails, including at least one during the night.”

Although it was suggested by campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle that Strider be fired, Clinton decided to keep on him on board and have him face minimal consequences for his actions that eight others were also familiar with. He was lost pay for several weeks and had to undergo counseling. The woman who has accused him of harassment was moved to another job.

A few years later, Strider was hired to lead an independent group that supported Clinton’s 2016 candidacy, Correct the Record, which was created by David Brock. While Strider managed to get out of being fired when working for Clinton, he wasn’t so lucky when working for Correct the Record. He was eventually fired for workplace issues and one of those included allegations that he harassed a young female aide.

Although Clinton was urged by many to “sever her ties” with Strider so she wouldn’t be blamed for his misconduct, she chose to keep him around. The fact is, although it hasn’t been confirmed whether these accusations were valid, accepting that sexual harassment is occurring within a workplace can be difficult. If you witness an act or hear about something happening, don’t be afraid to speak up. The only way to bring more awareness to the issue is to recognize when it’s happening and the circumstances surrounding the event.

We sometimes struggle with accepting something for what it is which only enables it to continue occurring. So, if you are the victim of sexual misconduct or know someone who is, contact a local Jackson, MS sexual harassment attorney today and discuss with them how you should go about handling the matter.