San Diego, CA- San Diego’s former Mayor Bob “Dirty Old Man” Filner is the subject of yet another sexual harassment lawsuit and the accuser said he harassed her in public in full view of his police body guards.

The lawsuit, filed this week in San Diego Superior Court accuses Filner of sexual battery, gender violence and sexual harassment. His accuser Marilyn McGaughy is seeking an unspecified amount of compensation for the harassment which occurred last May.

McGaughy’s suit alleges that Filner groped, kissed and massaged her at an event at the local school in full view of his bodyguards. According to the Los Angeles Times, the bodyguards, “witnessed Filner’s wrongful conduct, however, they failed to stop Filner or protect McGaughy.” She alleges he made repeated sexual advances and sexual comments.
MaGaughy’s lawsuit alleges she will “continue to suffer ‘physical and emotional distress, embarrassment and mental anguish,’” as a result of the harassment.

The Los Angeles Times reported that McGaughy filed the suit because the city refused to settle her $250,000 sexual harassment claim. The city has already paid out two half a million dollars to two of Filner’s harassment victims and also awarded one of the victims her own city holiday.

Last summer, 18 women came forward alleging that Filner who was Mayor at the time sexually harassed them at City Hall and at personal appearances. His behavior was so pervasive that his female coworkers dubbed him “Dirty Old Man.” He would often put the women in the infamous “Filner headlock,” where he would come up from behind then and put his arm around their neck, making it difficult for them to get away.

Filner resigned last August after one of his former supporters called a press conference and asked him to step down as San Diego’s Mayor. After the press conference a tidal wave of women came forward exposing the Filner as a serial harasser who obviously has trouble controlling his impulses.

Last October, Filner pleaded guilty to one charge of false imprisonment and two charges of misdemeanor battery. He was charged with those counts after three women accused him of grabbing and forcibly kissing them as well as putting one woman in the infamous “Filner headlock.”

In December, he was sentenced to three years of home confinement where his every move will be tracked by GPS. He will only be allowed to leave his home to attend doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions, religious services and probation meetings. His sentence also barred him from ever seeking public officer ever again.

In addition to generating a lot of press and becoming the subject of ridicule, Filner, who served 10 terms in Congress before becoming Mayor, inspired Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D.-CA) to introduce legislation that would make yearly sexual harassment training mandatory for House lawmakers.

Sexual harassment attorneys know all too well that harassment training won’t stop people like Bob Filner and they know the victims need their help. Some harassers just don’t understand what makes their behavior inappropriate even with training or they just don’t care.