Houston, TX – Some workers face illegal actions from their employers. Discrimination lawsuits are based on improper treatment and actions against a person due to their race, religion, gender, and other protected characteristics. One form of gender based discrimination that is common is sexual harassment. This when a worker is subjected to a hostile work environment, asked for illegal favors by their superiors, or verbally abused by their co-workers because of their gender. As a related matter, some employers also illegally withhold pay and overtime, and this can sometimes be done as a form of retaliation for reporting discrimination and harassment. 

Pay issues and improper actions by employers

All workers are supposed to be paid for their entire shift, and all work must be paid at the minimum wage of higher. Some employers will attempt to ask for favors such as cleaning up or preparing for the next shift without paying for these tasks. There are also improper attempts to categorize workers as salaried or say they are not eligible for overtime. 

The gender wage gap is a related issue where women have been paid less than men for comparable work. This may be legally actionable if the victim can identify a specific harm or discriminatory pay practices at a company or organization. 

A review of pay statements and other documents by an attorney may be necessary for victims to determine if these wage issues are present

Sexual harassment in the workplace

In recent years, many human resources departments and corporate entities have attempted to introduce sexual harassment training and terminate problematic employees. However, even as this issue has gained attention, some workers are still mistreated every day through a hostile work environment or abuse from their superiors. There are even more subtle forms of harassment where workers can be denied promotions, benefits, and proper pay because of their gender. Workers who are affected can potentially bring a case for damages related to their lost pay and transition costs into another job or field if they left their prior employer. 

Discrimination that is based on gender has much overlap with sexual harassment, however either victims or parties responsible for harassment can be of any gender. Discrimination cases may also involve issues related to the victim’s race, religion, or national origin being used against them in the workplace or hiring decisions. 

Employment attorneys are available to assist with civil cases

Moore and Associates handles all matters related to labor and employment lawsuits such as wage issues, sexual harassment, and discrimination cases. Potential clients in the Houston area can schedule a meeting to discuss their problems and receive advice from a licensed attorney. 

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