Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Retaliation often goes hand in hand with complaints of sexual harassment in many civil cases. When it is difficult to prove the actual harassment occurred, a complainant can will often have more success with a retaliation suit. But that isn’t the case of a former supervisor at Disney who recently lost a retaliation lawsuit against the entertainment company.

In 2013, Robert Klein, a manager for the archive division, filed a retaliation suit alleging he was fired for reporting a female peer who was sexually harassing a male subordinate employee, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Klein believed the subordinate employee was being blackmailed as well and complained to human resources.

After an investigation, both Klein and the female employee were fired. Human resources claimed Klein failed to inform them of the prior relationship of the two parties and erred in judgment when he hired the man to work under his former girlfriend. Klein however said he was unaware they were involved in a prior relationship, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

If you have been fired or punished for reporting sexual harassment of yourself or a coworker, you need to speak with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. With an expert legal eagle on your side you could recoup your lost wages as well as damages for your emotional distress.

In his suit, Klein alleges Disney has a history of “cover ups” and discouraged their employees from reporting sexual harassment.

Last week a federal judge dismissed Klein’s retaliation claims, stating he was unable to prove that his termination was caused by coming forward with the sexual harassment allegations. The judge also said there was no merit to Klein’s claims that Disney ignored complaints of sexual harassment. To the contrary, the judge found that the entertainment giant actually took corrective actions and often fired employees after investigations proved the allegations against them were true.

Victims of sexual harassment face a number of challenges when they are trying to prove sexual harassment in a civil suit since it is often a case of one person’s word against another’s. On the other hand, retaliation can be much easier to prove. Since employers are typically keep records of sexual harassment complaints, it us much easier to make the connection between an initial complaint with subsequent retaliatory actions. Because it can be a challenge to prove sexual harassment, a victim needs to enlist the services of a sexual harassment attorney to assist them with their claim. With legal help, a sexual harassment victim can secure a generous settlement and end their harassment.

Being the target of sexual harassment or witnessing the inappropriate behavior can create a toxic atmosphere in the workplace. It is in everyone’s best interest, from the victim to a supervisor, to stop harassment immediately and without haste. Not doing so could cause even more turmoil in the workplace, distress to the victim and makes an employer subject to liability.