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District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia Accused of Sexual Harassment

Beleaguered and much maligned Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard was accused a second time of sexual harassment on May 13th by another female employee. The DA’s former human resources director, Tisa Grimes, claimed that she was threatened with termination after she refused to succumb to Howard’s sexual advances.

Howard Repeatedly Solicited Sex

Grimes has accused Howard of repeatedly making off-color remarks and soliciting sex. He eventually became bold enough to grope her in 2018, according to a statement filed in the lawsuit. The suit contends that Howard was repeatedly rejected by Grimes, who also avoided him whenever possible.

Grimes is represented by sexual harassment attorney, Mario Williams, who is also an employment attorney and representing former aide Cathy Carter. Similar harassment claims were made by Carter against Howard last month in a federal lawsuit.

Howard is also caught in another issue where he’s charging a police officer who shoots a violent criminal who’s shooting at him with his own stun gun with murder. Atlanta is a city that is spiraling out of control with violent crime as Howard seems to be unfit for the job.

DA Engaged in Quid Pro Quo Behavior

Carter claimed that the DA relentlessly solicited sex from her and combined his promises with legal help for her son and better paying positions. When things did not work out, he threatened disciplinary action against her in order to pressure her into giving in to sexual advances.

Grimes’ suit suggests that both women are single mothers. Williams released a statement claiming that Paul Howard was a sexual predator who misused his authority to create a toxic environment for women working under him. Williams said that these women had had enough and wanted Howard to resign since 30 years with that kind of behavior in office is entirely too long.

However, Jeff Dickerson, Paul Howard’s campaign spokesman has claimed all statements in the Grimes lawsuit to be entirely untrue and an obvious political play intended to influence the outcome of upcoming elections.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in Georgia?

Sexual harassment can be in any form such as unwanted sexual requests or advances. Indirect or direct bribes and threats for sexual activity may also constitute as sexual harassment in Georgia. Gender sensitive comments and sexual innuendos or unwelcome touching can be considered sexual harassment in certain contexts. It’s critical to get in touch with a sexual harassment lawyer immediately to determine the potential of a lawsuit.

It is not necessary for the harasser to be a direct manager or a supervisor. They can be a co-worker or a supervisor in another area as well. In Georgia, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure a workplace that is free of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in all forms. Victims should consult an employment lawyer immediately if they have experienced any form of workplace harassment.


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