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Sexual Harassment Lawyers and Discrimination Attorneys in Washington D.C.

Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcomed behavior or action that is sexual in nature. It can be in the form of a quid pro quo, where the assailant demands sexual favors in exchange for something appealing for the victim. It can also be in the form of a joke or offensive comment that can affect anyone who hears it. In the worst cases, it can come in the form of abuse or rape.

Assailants can be of any age and any gender. They can be strangers, friends, teachers or even parents. The important thing to know is that there is help available if you have been the victim of sexual harassment. The sexual harassment lawyers in Washington, D.C. found on our site have dedicated their lives to bringing harassers to justice. They won’t stop until your rights are met and your assailant is behind bars.

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