Los Angeles, CA- Sexual harassment lawsuits can be costly both in time and legal fees, so many businesses whether small or large choose to settle their suits out of court. They would rather pay the reporting employee than go through the expense of defending their practices.

When a company receives a sexual harassment, they must take action by immediately launching an investigation. This can be handled by human resources personnel, an outside consultant or a sexual harassment lawyer to see if a complaint has merit. If a sexual harassment complaint ends up being true, an employer must act and appropriately punish the harasser. Failing to do that typically results in a sexual harassment suit and a business may find themselves with no other option than to settle or go to court.

During the course of an investigation, a business may find that a settlement is the best course of action. An investigator may find that there was inappropriate behavior or learn the complaining employee was retaliated against. In these cases, a business might decide that a settlement is in their best interest considering how sympathetic juries can be.

On the other hand, an investigation may reveal no wrong-doing on behalf of the accused or a business so they may decide to take their case to court.

While an employer is conducting their investigation, the complainant should file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They too will conduct a cursory investigation to determine if the victim’s allegations have merit.  If they do find the allegations to be true, the victim or victims then have the choice to file a lawsuit and choose to be represented by the EEOC or a private sexual discrimination lawyer.

It is at this stage an employer should consider if they are going to settle the claim or defend themselves in civil court. They should also devise a plan to correct the behavior through organizational changes, harassment and discrimination training and revamp their reporting policies. Such moves are often required under the terms of workplace abuse cases.

One reason businesses often choose to settle, even when they are innocent, is cost. A sexual harassment suit can be costly, but sympathetic juries tend to award large settlement amounts. Many businesses can save themselves thousands or tens of thousands on judgments by settling the complaint early on and agreeing to compensate the victim for their loss of wages and emotional distress.

It also takes less time to resolve a discrimination or harassment complaint through settlements. The involved parties may have to meet several times over the course of months, but that pales in comparison to the possible years it takes to build a court case. Let USAttorneys connect you with sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles to advise you on the best way to resolve your case. You can count on our legal team to stand up for your rights and ensure you recover the compensation you deserve.