The famed marching band of the Ohio State University used to be the pride of the university. The band shot to worldwide fame after their YouTube video acquired an unbelievable number of views and even landed them a gig in an advertisement for the Apple iPad.

According to, the tables have turned since then. The band which was once looked up to and respected has now come under the scanner for all the wrong reasons, including sexual harassment. Now Ohio sexual harassment lawyers are getting involved.

A band that is out of control

A probe ordered by school authorities into the matter concluded that the allegations were in fact true. The investigators termed the behavior and culture of the band as being rampantly sexualized and further propelled by sexually provocative jokes and booze fueled band members. As a result of the investigations finding’s, the band director, Jon Waters has been terminated. Another band member has been apprehended and charged with rape and kidnapping charges.

Wall Street Journal: band had inside jokes about the holocaust

Adding to the defamation of the band was a write up in the Wall Street Journal which claimed that a songbook was doing the rounds among band members and the premise of the songs were the holocaust, essentially they were picking fun at victims of the holocaust.

Ohio sexual harassment attorneys who can be found on the amazing legal website have also confirmed that the band, in some of their recent performances, has attracted boo’s and heckles from the crowd. Band members have even been asked who they had to rape to get into the organization.

Waters, however, seems determined to avenge his firing and is not going down without a fight. He has appointed himself a sexual harassment attorney and is fighting the findings of the investigation, claiming that the research was done in a biased manner and is not based on any tangible real life evidence. In the lawsuit, he named Ohio State as the principal defendant. The school says that their decision is final and that they have convinced themselves without a doubt that the findings of the probe are legitimate.


Ohio State University vs. the Best Damn Band in the Land

Post the termination of Jon Waters, the school and its alumni have locked horns. The alumnus is led by the Tbdbitl Alumni Club (the best damn band in the land) and they are strongly in support of Jon Water’s, so much so that they have even financed his wrongful termination lawsuit. Furthermore, they have begun a public relations campaign to resist the decision of the school.

The alumni club have even compiled and released their own probe report in which they tutor former band members on how to deal with school appointed investigators. They have even manufactured and distributed “we stand with Jon Waters” buttons to show where their loyalty lies. Ohio sexual harassment lawyers want to find out the truth to all this.

A look at the formation, growth and evolution of the band over the years clearly shows that they too had adopted fraternity like rituals where junior or newly joined band members were ordered around and had to indulge in dares revolving around the consumption of alcohol, sexually charged activities, and so on.

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