St. Croix County for the first time in its history has a drug coordinator. However, according to a report, the woman appointed as the drug coordinator has been accused of sexual harassment according to court documents.

The woman has been identified as Amber Perry who had worked seven years for the County prior to these allegations surfacing. Perry has now penned her signature on a separation agreement as the case is under investigation. She has also been placed under administrative leave by the County and will remain on administrative leave until the probe comes to a conclusion, depending on which further action will be taken.

Sad ending

Perry has been the first ever drug coordinator of the County and has held the position since January 2007. She was paid a salary of $64,104 at the time of her resignation. The separation agreement also provides for two months of severance pay for Perry, the agreement also provisions medical insurance for another two months.

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St. Croix County’s drug court program – a second chance for addicts

Perry was deeply involved in the County’s drug court. Since her appointment the County had introduced an alternative prosecution for low-level offenders with drug dependency issues. Instead of throwing these drug addicts in jail, the program focuses on getting offenders to help out by enrolling them in community service programs and also help them get clean.

One of the judges that supervised Perry’s hearing commented that what had happened was sad for everyone to deal with. He said that he had personally worked with Perry and that she was very committed to what she was doing and put her heart and soul into it.

The details of the allegations have been sealed from public as part of the separation agreement that Perry signed. The agreement also entails that Perry will not file any grievance complaint against the County now or at any point in the future.


Furthermore, the complaints also included allegations that Perry had used pre-loaded incentive cards meant for drug court participants. These allegations were written off as unsubstantiated. Perry herself admitted to have loosely administered and supervised the use of these cards but maintained that she never used them for herself personally.

The County has now hired Kimberly Kitzberger as a replacement of Amber Perry. Kitzberger’s first mission on the job will be to measure the effectiveness of the current system in place and report on areas where improvement is possible.

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New York State Assembly to pay $256,000 to settle sexual harassment case

A sexual harassment attorney has successfully sued the New York State Assembly for harassment. The senate has since paid the sexual harassment attorney had his law firms a total of $256,000.

According to, the allegations were mainly against a couple of law makers that are no-longer a part of the State assembly as a result of their behavior. Joseph Bruno was the state senate majority leader at the time and was slapped with corruption charges after it surfaced that he had paid another $310,000 to a private law firm to protect the defendant in the case. Bruno was later acquitted of his charges.