Doughnut giant Dunkin’ Donuts faces sexual harassment charges filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the Southern District of New York. According to, the lawsuit alleges that several female employees from its Westchester stores in Ardsley, Elmsford, and Dobbs Ferry were frequently sexually harassed. The plaintiffs claim they were sexually propositioned, and subjected to inappropriate sexual innuendos and physical touching.

The lawsuit filed by sexual harassment lawyers on behalf of the plaintiffs alleges that the franchise owner, Hillcrest Marshall, Inc., created a hostile work environment for the employees. The plaintiffs, all in their late teens and early 20s were targeted by their male superiors at the three stores with the Elmsford store manager specifically accused of unwanted behavior.

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Manager should focus more on making those unappealing donuts

The manager is said to have been employed at the store since March 2011. The manager is alleged to have manhandled and sexually harassed an 18 year old female employee on several occasions. On one occasion in January 2014 she was compelled to call the police. He is also accused of attempting to kiss the woman and molest her. The woman claims she was retaliated against and sacked after she contacted the police.

In the lawsuit, the EEOC claims that director of operations and the manager created a hostile atmosphere of harassment. Apart from financial compensation for damages, the EEOC has requested that Hillcrest implement policies that protect female employees.

Former Indiana University East volleyball players file sexual harassment lawsuit 

Three former Indiana University East volley players have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the university in the Southern District of Indiana, according to a report by Courthouse News Service. The three plaintiffs, Meagan Stoker, Cinder Weber, and Lindsay Kurz claim they were retaliated against and dismissed from the team after they complained about being sexually harassed by their male coach. The women also allege that they lost their athletic aid.

In the lawsuit filed by their sexual harassment attorneys, the plaintiffs cite several instances of harassment. They claim that Adam Stevenson, their coach, constantly resorted to touching the players inappropriately. The women allege that he would make video recordings during practice and purposely focus on the butts of female athletes. They also claim that Stevenson told them he would have sleepovers with them.

On one occasion, he ordered them to help him move to a new home and took the chance to pass sexually suggestive comments. They felt uncomfortable and left after his constant harassment.

The former female volleyball players have also alleged in the lawsuit that the university’s administration failed to take cognizance of their complaint. Instead, Lindsay Kurz was told that the athletes should be happy because the team was still ranked. This, the plaintiffs allege, gave Stevenson the impetus to carry on with his behavior. They claim he told them that their complaints would bear no fruit and were dismissed from the team after they refused to withdraw their complaint.

Coach allegedly sacked from previous job due to sexual harassment allegations

Incidentally, Coach Stevenson joined the Indiana University East team in March 2013. In their lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim he was forced to resign from his previous coaching job at St. Catherine College in Kentucky following allegations of sexual harassment. They claim that this fact was ignored when he was hired by Indiana University. Sexual harassment is certainly not ignored by If you need a tremendous sexual harassment lawyer, look no further.

The women seek damages for their dismissal and for the Richmond campus of Indiana University East to protect its students by implementing a sexual harassment and non-discrimination policy. Stevenson may want to hire a sexual harassment lawyer for this one.