El Cajon Protestors Demand Police Officer Accused of Sexual Harassment be Fired

Citizens and residents of El Cajon staged protests at a city council meeting that was held in connection with the alleged sexual harassment case. The protestors carried signs and issued statements that they wanted the officer accused of the crime to be either fired or placed under administrative leave.

Sgt. Rich Gonsalves is accused of sending naked pictures via email to a female colleague. He has been demoted and is no longer a Sergeant but just an officer.

Officer Christine Greer received a picture of a man’s genitals in an email from Gonsalves. The officer claims this was not the first time she had been harassed by him. According to the lawsuit Greer filed against the city through her sexual harassment attorney, she alleges that Gonsalves had made continuous and unwarranted sexual advances towards her and that he had also subjected her to a picture of his genitals via text message.

The lawsuit also claims that Greer was not the only victim and that Gonsalves had displayed such tendencies and inappropriate behavior with other female employees as well.

City of El Cajon defends its decision to not discharge an employee accused of sexual harassment

The city has to legally respond to the lawsuit by April 6th. El Cajon City Manager Douglas Williford defended his decision not to fire Gonsalves. He said that he reached his decision after ordering two independent investigations into the matter. He claims the results of the first probe became available over a year ago but he had ordered a second follow up investigation because there were still a few unanswered questions.

Officer Greer’s lawsuit states that there are no women in management positions at the Police department of El Cajon. The lawsuit asserts sexual discrimination and a culture of male supremacy but Lt. Mike Moulton has discredited these claims by saying that the department has four women in management roles. The IT manager, the communications manager, the records manager, and the lab manager are all women, Moulton said.

But did they deserve the promotion or did they earn the position just because they are female?

LAPD sued for sexual harassment

Former Los Angeles Police Department Detective of the year winner Patricia Hauck has sued the city on the grounds of sexual harassment. Hauck’s sexual harassment attorney had filed the complaint earlier this week.

According to the lawsuit Hauck was sexually harassed by a male employee of the LAPD who she alleges had failed to take any correctional measures despite being fully aware of his similar history with other female employees. The lawsuit seeks damages for Hauck having to work in a hostile work environment.

William Sara is unprofessional and pitiful if these allegations are true

Allegedly, detective William Sara was transferred to Hauck’s division of the LAPD because of a complaint filed against him at his previous division. The lawsuit accuses Sara of unwanted touching, comments, and other sexual advances. Hauck claims that Sara behaved the way he did and believed that he would get away with it because of his connections with various individuals among the LAPD command staff.