Sexual harassment claims are being filed left and right and now we are learning of a recent case that has arisen in an elite private school where Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri Cruise, attended. New York Daily News shared the developing story, identifying Ciara Rosado as the victim who has claimed she has been sexually harassed several times while employed at Avenues: The World School.

Rosado, who worked in the food services department, filed a complaint with the New York State Division of Humans Rights against a male co-worker of hers who has been identified as Francisco DeLeon. According to the complaint, DeLeon repeatedly tormented her during the time she was working. Among the complaints mentioned in the paperwork, Rosado claimed the male did the following:

  1. Violently shoved a garbage bin at her which caused an underage minor to step in and stop it from hitting her.
  2. Forcefully removed a bottle of Windex from her hands.
  3. DeLeon threatened to punch her in the face and even made “a crude comment about sodomizing her.”
  4. Called her a “stupid dirty slut.”

Rosado claims that she reported the incidents but her “verbal complaints to superiors fell on deaf ears.” However, the company has come back claiming that Rosado called an unidentified employee a crude name and made “meritless” sexual harassment claims.

Rosado’s Complaints Were Never Addressed by her Superiors

While Rosado attempted to report the incidents to her superiors, they neglected to take any action. The victim’s NY sexual harassment lawyer has even acknowledged that the company retaliated against her for filing the complaint. Sadly, this occurs far too frequently, and unlike Rosado, many workers, regardless less of the field they are in, never take any further action once they see their complaints aren’t getting them anywhere.

This is where a sexual harassment attorney becomes beneficial.

While complaints might not be handled in the manner expected after reporting  a case of sexual harassment, there are legal representatives out there who can ensure something is done. Rosado took the necessary measures and hired herself a lawyer to represent her and her case as she saw she wasn’t getting anywhere with the company in which she was employed with.

Are you the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace?

If a co-worker or an employer is engaging in behavior that you believe constitutes as sexual misconduct, wants to help you locate a nearby Manhattan, NY sexual harassment lawyer. The fact is, there are many things that can be done, and our professionals can sit down and explain what each of these things are. Like Rosado, many sexual misconduct claims are brushed under the rug or aren’t taken seriously. It isn’t fair to be victimized and to also be ignored.

Therefore, if you would like to discuss your matter with someone who is willing to listen and help you address the issue, is ready to help you find a sexual harassment attorney in Manhattan today.