Des Moines, IA- A sexual harassment suit which accused two Lakeside casino executives of sexual harassment has been dismissed.

A former employee for the Casino located in Osceola filed her lawsuit last year, alleging that the casino’s general manager Bob Thursby repeatedly subjected casino employees and patrons to inappropriate comments. The suit also alleged that human resources manager, Carol Eckels, treated subordinate employees who she was having inappropriate sexual relations with favorably, the Des Moines Register reported.

In their response to the case Thursby and Eckels denied the plaintiff’s allegations and accused her of gender and race discrimination. According to the Des Moines register, the casino also fought to have all of the court filings kept secret.

Documents show that an Iowa attorney filed to have the case dismissed on April 9th.

There is one of two reasons why a sexual harassment case can be dismissed; either the plaintiff does not have the evidence necessary to prove their claims or both parties have decided to settle the case out of court. Oftentimes, a case dismissal means the involved parties have agreed to a settlement amount and can put the matter behind them.

Sexual harassment suits are often situations that pit one person’s word against another’s. When trying to prove these types of allegations it is necessary for the victims enlist the help of a sexual harassment attorney. An attorney knows how to conduct an investigation and will work diligently to prove their clients allegations. A thorough investigation will give sexual harassment victim the leverage they need to secure a generous settlement or present a convincing court case.

But before a person can file a sexual harassment suit, they must give their employer the opportunity to remedy the situation by reporting any incidents. Once any incident of harassment is reported, an employer must investigate and if they find the allegations to be true they must punish the offender and make attempts to stop the behavior.

Many people are reluctant to report sexual harassment because they fear retaliation. Retaliation can include dismissal, denial of promotions or raises, refusal to grant requested days off and vacations along with additional harassment from superiors and coworkers. Retaliation is so common that many sexual harassment suits contain these allegations.

Court trials are costly so sexual harassment attorneys are often able to negotiate a settlement before either party step into a court room. Some employers prefer to settle and put the case behind rather than going through a publicized court trial. Which course a harassment victim pursues largely depends of the strength of their evidence and their employer’s response to their allegations. This is a decision best left to a lawyer to make.

Under federal law, sexual harassment victims can seek compensation for any past and future lost wages, emotional distress caused by the harassing behavior and retaliation. With the help of an Iowa sexual harassment attorney, an individual subjected to a hostile work environment can seek and be awarded significant financial compensation.