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Employers Course of Action After a Sexual Harassment Complaint in Louisiana

Sexual harassment complaints must be taken very seriously in Louisiana. When an employee decides to report the abuse that they have suffered at the hands of some else in the workplace, it is integral that employers take the proper course of action to ensure the person is properly taken care of. Employers should make sure they interview the complainant in detail about the events that occurred.

They should ask who carried out the harassment and exactly what was said or done to them. They should name the witnesses present and ask the victim to explain whether this was an isolated event or if there was a consistent pattern. The employer should make sure the individual in charge of receiving such complaints keeps matters entirely confidential.

However, witnesses should be questioned in detail to see if what a person is saying is true or not. It is vital to take the steps to see whether the allegations have merit or whether they were fabricated. As beneficial as it would be to believe the victim of such harassment right away, there are still some people who may abuse the system and who will try to get revenge on a coworker by putting false allegations on them, so a thorough investigation is needed.

If it turns out there was severe abuse, then it may be necessary to immediately separate the relevant parties or to put the individual making a complaint on paid leave for their protection. If the employer decides to give the victim paid leave, they should make it clear they are not penalizing them in any way, but simply trying to protect them. If employers fail to carry out sufficient actions to stop the abuse, they may be held legally accountable for failing to protect their employees.

Once the victim is safe, the employer should interview the alleged harasser and then decide whether there is truth to the claim or not. If there is truth, then they should penalize the employee accordingly.

Retaliation against a person filing a sexual harassment complaint is against the law in Louisiana


Employers need to take the complaints of their employees seriously. If they retaliate against the victim, then they have crossed the law and they can be seriously penalized for the way that they acted. Employers should take every step necessary to protect the victim and penalize the abuser. They should also take steps to stop rumors from spreading and to relieve workplace tension after such a situation occurs.

Get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible to learn about the legal options available to protect themselves from any abuse occurring in their workplace.

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