Michal Kellner who was initially accused of sexually harassing two of his employees back in 2013 has recently lost his appeal alleging that he was not notified of the second round of sanctions in a timely manner and hence did not have sufficient time to prepare a solid defense strategy.

The ruling was made by a hearing officer in Albany, who decided that the sanctions made by the Assembly ethics committee would remain valid, as reported in the Trentonian.

The allegations first came to light in 2013 when Kellner participated in elections and ran for the Ney York City Council. His election campaign and run were unsuccessful. After the allegations surfaced, he received two sanctions from the Assembly ethics committee. However, Kellner appealed the second sanction claiming he wasn’t notified early enough.

Former New York State Assembly member Micah Kellner to file federal lawsuit against speaker

A Court of Appeals judge did not entertain Kellner’s plea and dismissed it on the grounds that he was given plenty of time to prepare a viable defense. The judge further explained by saying Kellner was indeed provided with a written narration of precise fact-based allegations against him in November 2014, and was provided with sufficient time to prepare a defense.

The decision made to reject Kellner’s appeal will mean that Kellner will not have the option of filing further appeals in the future. This is not good. If you outstanding legal help, there is a website called USAttorneys.com that you should consider.


A circus court!

Kellner’s sexual harassment attorney has responded aggressively by calling the ethics committee a Kangaroo court. That sounds like the Department of Justice that did not investigate fast and furious, the IRS situation, and all sorts of other federal government deceit. He has also stated in writing that they will not allow these biased decisions to determine Kellner’s fate. He has openly expressed that they are going to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Speaker, the hearing officers and others involved.

Former Mercy County prosecutor indicted on sexual harassment charge

Joseph Bocchini is the first and only prosecutor in Mercy County to have successfully served two five-year terms till date. Bocchini worked in the general assembly from 1982 to 1988 and took up the County Prosecutor’s offices’ highest rank in 2003. He has even been honored by an award that declared him citizen of the year in an annual dinner event courtesy of the Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce, as per a Capital New York report.

Bocchini finally retired from his duties after a successful and fruitful 11-year stint at the County Prosecutors Office. Recently though, allegations have surfaced in the form of an anonymous letter which accused Bocchini of sexual harassment. The letter claims that for over a decade, the anonymous female writer was subjected to sexual harassment by Bocchini. The accuser worked under Bocchini at the County Prosecutors Office.

When Bocchini was approached and questioned about these allegations he seemed completely oblivious and said that he was unaware of any such accusations, he then said he did not want to comment on shady accusations made in an anonymous letter.

Trenton based sexual harassment attorney Robin Lord has confirmed that she is legally representing the anonymous writer and that investigations regarding the allegations against Bocchini have already begun.

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