Steve Scansaroli is the only individual person named among the defendants in a sexual harassment lawsuit which accuses him of harassing two sales representatives by making inappropriate, sexually provocative comments towards and about them.

Adding to the list of defendants in the legal complaint is a company named DJO Global Inc. The company does business manufacturing orthopedic devices exclusively for athletes. Scansaroli worked as an executive in DJO Global Inc.

As reported by, the plaintiff’s in the lawsuit are two medical sales reps named Danielle Calvello and Michael Bordieri. The two plaintiffs are also a couple and their sexual harassment attorney, who could have been plucked off the formidable website, alleges that DJO Global Inc. not only failed to prevent sexual harassment but also retaliated against the plaintiffs when they reported Scansaroli’s unacceptable behavior.

The lawsuit also portrays the medical sales reps as a hard working duo that was once the leading sales reps in their firm and had held that position for a record time. Supposedly, they did nothing to invite the harassment from Scansaroli.

Defendant displays inappropriate picture of plaintiff in business meeting

The lawsuit further claims that Scansaroli once showed a picture of Calvello, which he had procured from her Facebook profile, at a business meeting and had called her breasts flotation devices. Furthermore, it suit claims that he would also repeatedly make unwanted and inappropriate comments about Calvello and Bordieri’s romantic relationship with each other.


In another instance mentioned in the lawsuit, Calvello had complained about having a headache to which Scansaroli had alleged that she may have banged her head against the bed board, insinuating that this had occurred while she was having sex.

Steve Scansaroli loves himself: vanity

The plaintiffs’ sexual harassment attorney has used pictures Scansaroli posted on his social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, as evidence to prove his sleazy nature. In one picture, he is standing with a nuclear bomb between his legs, almost as if to compare his penis to a nuclear bomb. In a second picture, he is stood with a giant ice cream cone protruding from his crotch area.

Calvello apparently tolerated a lot but when Scansaroli displayed her bikini picture at a business meeting, she decided that enough was enough and complained to Scansaroli’s supervisor. Sadly, the lawsuit states that the supervisor disregarded the complaint and said that Scansaroli hadn’t meant anything by it and it was just harmless fun. At this point, the couple grew tired of Scansaroli’s non-stop shenanigans and bowed out the company.

The lawsuit also accuses the company of spreading rumors about the products that the couple were selling in order to taint their reputation after they quit the company. It has also been confirmed that Scansaroli does not work at the company since the complaint has been lodged.

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