A former high school tennis coach named Daniel Erik Hubbard Wilson was accused and convicted of sexual assault and was consequentially ordered not to contact his alleged victim until the judicial system was able to pass a conclusive ruling about the case. However, it has surfaced that despite being exclusively told not to contact the minor victim, Wilson did attempt to establish and or contact with the female student, as reported by Star Tribune.

Wilson’s sexual harassment attorney has confirmed that Wilson did in fact violate the no contact order by asking another person to post messages to the girl via social media.

Back in the month of January, when he was charged with sexual harassment, Wilson pleaded guilty to having molested the girl, who at the time of the incident was only 15 years old and is currently 17 years old.

Consensual or not, sex with a minor is illegal

Wilson was the girl’s tennis coach. They engaged in sexual activities that were mutual and consensual. However, according to Minneapolis sexual harassment attorneys, given the girl’s minor status, it is considered sexual harassment of the third degree by the Minnesota state law on the part of Wilson.

After pleading guilty, Wilson was faced with a number of penalties. He was sentenced to a year in a workhouse and was instructed not to try to contact the girl under any circumstances. He was instructed to register as a sex offender for a period of ten years and was put under probation for 15 years. Furthermore, he was also subject to a 6 six year long prison sentence in case he violated any of the orders of the court.


Using social media for evil

Now, his prison sentence seems like it could become activated as his probation officer has posted a letter to the court which alleges that Wilson had violated the no-contact term and had asked a third party to post messages on the girl’s twitter page. However, the court document did not state who the third party was or what the messages itself conveyed.

The minor girl is undergoing therapy and her father has filed a restraining order against Wilson. Before his initial conviction, Wilson had attempted to contact her through social media, tried to meet up with her and even gone to her counselling center to try and convince her to alter details of her testimony such that it would lead to lesser penalties for him. If this is the case not even the sexual harassment attorneys that are listed on the fascinating website USAttorneys.com will be able to help him out too much in this regard.

Minnesota priest gets let off by the jury in a sexual harassment case, previous allegations against protest overlooked 

A priest identified as Francis Hoefgen has been acquitted of sexual harassment charges by a jury according to a Star Tribune report. The accusations were made against the priest by a Minneapolis sexual harassment attorney representing the alleged victim – an altar boy. However, the attorney has now hit back against the jury by saying that they have allowed a perverted criminal back on the loose without having even heard all the allegations against the man. Supposedly, this was not the first time the priest was accused of having sexually harassing a young boy.