A former university student and member of the fraternity Kappa Delta Rho has now filed a legal complaint through his sexual harassment attorney against the university alleging that he was subjected to both sexual harassment and hazing during his Kappa Delta Rho days.

As reported by American Bazaar Online, the complainant has been identified as James Vivenzio. His allegations have come amidst more complaints against Kappa Delta Rho. The Kappa Delta Rho fraternity house was closed by Penn State University authorities after it came to light that male members of the frat house had were operating a Facebook page where they would post pictures of nude, drunk, and passed out women who would frequent parties at the frat house.

Former frat member opens up about his experience in Kappa Delta Rho

These atrocious allegations resulted in the expulsion of as many as 38 Kappa Delta Rho members who were supposedly involved and the frat house and the Kappa Delta Rho chapter was closed for a minimum period of three years.

Political correctness will soon destroy all fraternities

Vivenzio drew courage from these complaints to finally speak up about his own experience at the fraternity house and how he was subjected to harassment and hazing. In his shocking allegations, Vivenzio detailed that he was subjected to cigarette burns, was forced to drink excessively till he vomited, and was even made to forcibly take part in a ritual called “gladiator” which caused physical bodily harm.

Some people perhaps should not be in a fraternity.

This is what fraternities do

The lawsuit named Penn State University as the principal defendant and cites that they failed to protect their students from hazing and sexual harassment despite claiming to have a zero tolerance policy towards such acts.

Advertisement giants DDB named as defendant in sexual harassment lawsuit

A former employee and his sexual harassment attorney have lodged a civil complaint against DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc., alleging that the former creative director was subjected to harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, as reported by Media Post. And now he wants to become a millionaire because of it.

The lawsuit seeks compensation of more than $20 million for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. The lawsuit also lists other co-defendants, namely, Omnicom Group (the owner organization), Peter Hempel, Chris Brown, and Joe Cianciotto (all senior employees of DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc.).

The complainant himself has not been publicly identified for privacy concerns, but court paperwork does describe his as a homosexual man who was HIV positive.

According to the complaints, the plaintiff was harassed and discriminated against constantly by his immediate supervisor and the defendants did nothing to alleviate the situation despite being fully aware of how the plaintiff was being mistreated by the supervisor. This is where USAttorneys.com comes into the picture. There are marvelous sexual harassment attorneys on this site ready to correct this behavior and defend your rights.

Furthermore, Joe Cianciotto has been accused in the lawsuit of having drawn sketches of the complainant. These sketches were apparently sexually provocative and had depicted the plaintiff in the most unthinkable of ways.

The lawsuit establishes that because of the mistreatment, the plaintiff has suffered from severe emotional turmoil. When DDB found out that the plaintiff had been given the greenlight to file a lawsuit against them by the EEOC, they instructed him to resign right away. Cianciotto, however, remains on their payroll.