A female staffer that used to work as a Council Member for the city of New York has filed the initial notice which entails that her sexual harassment attorney is soon going to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the city for nearly $1.25 million, as per a NY Post report.

NYC is in decline, economically and morally

The allegations made by the soon to be plaintiff are mostly against the current Councilman of the Bronx named Andy King. The lawsuit, which is still being drafted, claims that the victim was unfairly terminated from her position after she had ungraciously turned down several sexual advances made by King.

Former city council member unlawfully fired

The former employee also alleges that she is by no means the only sexual harassment victim of King’s. The notice which has been submitted at the city Comptroller’s Office describes the work environment that King created as extremely hostile and portrays him as a lewd pervert who would often make derogatory, sexist, and sexually inappropriate comments towards the potential plaintiff.

The notice further blames King for attempting to manipulate and bend the laws laid down for the City Councils Black, Latino, and Asian congregations. Supposedly, King co-chairs these member groups and he had interpreted the bylaws in a manner which he proclaimed personally gave him the authority to terminate the complainant.

Technically, the entire member group or caucus has a say (each member gets to vote) when it comes to the removal of a member from his or her position but King completely disregarded this bylaw and gave himself the power to remove the unidentified complainant.

King was spotted and reached for comment. He said that he was simply enjoying his day and that he had no remarks whatsoever about these accusations, he termed them rumors. He referred all questions to the council press group.


Long pending sexual harassment litigation takes alternative dispute resolution route

A high-profile sexual harassment lawsuit which had named state representatives as defendants was never concluded and had been delayed and dragged on for a very long time, recently though, it looks like the drama may finally come to an end very soon as the case went into mediation talks, according to a Courier Journal report.

Sexual harassment attorneys representing the three female plaintiffs and the legal reps of the defendants both confirmed earlier this week that both sides agreed to mediation so as to conclude the matter and come to a reasonable settlement without incurring further legal expenses.

In the original lawsuit, one of the defendants was accused of unfairly firing one of the plaintiffs so he could hire another woman in her place, a woman who he was only sexually interested in. If you have been mistreated by someone at the workplace in a manner along these lines you should open the site USAttorneys.com. There are some fantastic local attorneys ready to take your call.

In a separate claim also filed in the same joint lawsuit, legislative staff member Nicole Cusic alleges that she was reprimanded and demoted to an inferior position after she spoke up against Representative Will Coursey and accused him of sexual harassment. In response, Coursey had denied that he had harassed Cusic and filed a defamation lawsuit against her.