Lauren Greene, the former communications director for Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the congressman.

A hostile work environment

Greene alleges there was a hostile work environment in the office where she was constantly humiliated and was the target of comments of a sexual nature. Farenthold allegedly told another employee that he had fantasized about Greene. He also commented once that Greene’s skirt had semen on it, and another time said that her skirt was unzipped, which he could notice only because he was staring closely at her, the lawsuit alleges.

When a complaint was made by a staffer about Greene’s transparent shirt through which her nipples were visible, Farenthold allegedly said that Greene could show off her nipples whenever she liked, according to the lawsuit.

Greene is seeking compensation for emotional distress, and says she was fired one month after she complained about her boss’s behavior. And Farenthold thought that would resolve this situation?

The congressman constantly talked about his sex life, and made inappropriate comments on Greene’s attire, according to the documents. She claims Farenthold had discussed the fact that he and his wife were separated and had not had sex for many years, and had also said that a female lobbyist had suggested a threesome with him. She also states in the lawsuit that Farenthold had a liking for redheads, which the staffers in the office were concerned about. He also was an alcoholic, according to Greene.

Comments on frequent flyer website

Sexual harassment attorneys said that the Huffington Post carried reports about Farenthold’s comments on a frequent flyer website in 2010. In one of the threads on upgrades, he had commented that the 9 hours of free alcohol was a waste with his pregnant wife in business class and him in economy and that it was a waste of 9 months of his happiness. Farenthold mentioned in another thread that he could reallocate his upgraded seat to a hot redhead.

He had posed for a photo wearing pajamas with a blonde in a black negligee at a nightclub, just before his elections, according to sexual harassment attorneys.

Attorneys deny charges

Sexual harassment attorneys for Farenthold filed a 14 page response, denying all the allegations. The response states that Greene was fired for her poor performance and for lying about the reason for her absence to work.

The attorneys state that the defendant was not sexually attracted to Greene, but occasionally complemented staff in the office for their looks. He also did not comment on her skirt having semen on it, according to the response, but he did on one occasion comment on her skirt being unzipped. That is not good.

Greene came to work with a lot of animal hair on her clothing and that was noticed by many staffers in the Congressional office, according to the response filed by Farenthold’s attorneys. The office also joked about his attraction for redheads but that was not a major concern, according to the document. Looks like the office is at fault too! Farenthold – it looks like your office and you have some issues to address.