A former worker of Tyson Foods has claimed in a lawsuit filed by his sexual harassment attorney that he was subjected to rampant sexual harassment and discrimination from his immediate supervisors at his workplace. According to Sioux City Journal, the lawsuit alleges that a supervisor at the meat packaging company would loudly comment about homosexuals.

These comments were always derogatory, and he would ensure that the plaintiff was within ear shot when he made such remarks.

The complainant in the case is Cory West who was employed in Tyson Foods Storm Lake, Iowa plant as an edible rendering operator. The defendants listed in the case are Tyson Foods (the company) and more specifically, another worker of Tyson Foods, Rick Lipai. The allegations outlined in the lawsuit include that Lipai would not only call West demeaning names which essentially insinuated that he was a dirty homosexual but he also vandalized West’s equipment, locker door, etc.

The reason West has named his former employers as a defendant in the lawsuit is because they allegedly condoned Lipai’s behavior towards west. Furthermore, when West approached Human Resources and complained about the harassment, he was threatened that he will lose his job if he pursues the complaint. West is seeking damages stemming from alleged harassment, discrimination and retaliation such as loss of pay, mental anguish, pain and suffering etc.


A spokesperson for the company made a comment clarifying that the company had a strict zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and discrimination and that they even held annual counselling and training seminars to reiterate their standpoint on such issues. He also said that they had not received any notice of the lawsuit as of yet.

Owner of Pizza Café – Figaro’s Pizza, arrested and charged with sexual abuse

A 68-year old Paul Arthur Jackson has been apprehended and is currently being held in custody in lieu of a bond. Jackson is the owner of Figaro’s Pizza Café in Coquille. Prosecutors have charged Jackson with third degree sexual abuse and sexual harassment charges, as reported by theworldlink.com.

The arrest was a consequence of one of Jackson’s workers Janice Blue reporting to police that he had made several unwanted sexual advance towards her and the other female workers at the Pizzeria. Blue also remarked saying she was worried about some of the other much younger girls that worked for Jackson. It does not matter how many people were treated terribly by Jackson, any one of the fantastic sexual harassment attorneys on the profound legal website USAttorneys.com can make Jackson’s life a living nightmare.

Manager at Central Park Boathouse Restaurant served with sexual harassment lawsuit 

A young female worker of the uptown Central Park Boathouse Restaurant has filed a lawsuit through her sexual harassment attorney against the restaurant manager James Modena, according to nypost.com.

The plaintiff in the case is Akira Smalls who was incidentally 19 years old at the time of the harassment. Smalls claims in the lawsuit that Modena not only boasted about how he could handle multiple sexual encounters in one night but also made lewd and sexually provocative comments about and towards her on more than one occasion. Smalls is suing for an undisclosed amount in damages.