Stow, OH- People will make all sorts of excuses for their behavior, but an Ohio doctor, accused of sexually harassing and assaulting female patients at a Stow pain clinic, gave a remarkably laughable excuse during a court appearance this week. Dr. Bressi, while trying to undermine the credibility of his accusers, told the court, the erection his patients felt rubbing against their bodies wasn’t actually his penis, it was a one of two bottles he regularly carries in his pocket.

Dr. Bressi is on trial for sexual assaulting over two dozen of his female patients. They sought him out to treat their chronic pain, but they got a lot more than they bargained for. Now the doctor is on trial for sexual assault, accused of touching some of his female patients’ private parts, putting his hand down their panties and rubbing his erect penis along their bodies.

In his defense, Dr. Bressi denied the allegations and tried to explain the women weren’t actually feeling his erect penis, they were feeling either a bottle of antibiotics or a bottle of creamer, both of which he routinely carries in his pocket.

“This has been in my left pocket in my pants for 10 years,” Bressi said in court on Wednesday, according to WKYC. “Obviously they’re big and they tend to bulge out in the pants and they do rub against the patients. As you can see, they’re rather phallic-like in their structure.”

One patient told WKYC that during one session while Dr. Bressi was giving her a deep tissue massage, he tried to put his hands in her panties.

One patient said once, while Bressi was supposed to be giving her a deep tissue massage, he ran his hands across her genitals and tried to put his hands down her panties. The woman said he had anerection and, “He was getting his jollies off.”

Another women said that when she was lying face down on the doctor’s table at his request he began to rub his erect member all over her body. After hearing Dr. Bressi’s explanation for what the women actually felt—a bottle- the woman added “I know what an erection is.”

The husband of a third woman witnessed one of Dr. Bressi’s inappropriate sessions while his wife was under anesthesia. The man said that he could see the doctor fondling his wife’s lower buttocks with his hand hovering near her vagina. He said he was enraged

The women who spoke with WKYC said they were afraid to come forward sooner because they feared Dr. Bressi would take away the medications they need for the pain.

Although, police could not confirm exactly how many women Dr. Bressi took advantage of, the three women who came forward said they were told close to 27 women have come forward.

Bressi’s bottle excuse it laughable, but what he did to his patients was not. Sexual harassment and assault don’t belong in the doctor’s office or in the workplace. Men and women who are assaulted need to call the police, harassment victims need to call a sexual harassment attorney.