Facts for workers to know about sexual harassment in The Colony

The Colony, TX – Both workplaces and their workers can attempt to identify and eliminate sexual harassment to keep their environment safe and harassment free. However, some employers do not educate their workers sufficiently to be able to help stop harassment when it happens. A review of some basic facts and scenarios related to sexual harassment can be helpful, as when workplaces and their employees have a thorough understanding of sexual harassment issues, problems are less likely to occur. 

There are sexual harassment attorneys near me who can provide advice about filing a lawsuit against an employer. 

Knowing how to identify sexual harassment

Workers should be able to see a few different kinds of behavior and report them when necessary. This includes understanding that sexual harassment is actually a type of discrimination and mistreatment that is based on the victim’s gender or sex. Some common scenarios include a person’s boss asking for sexual conduct in exchange for compensation, employment, or benefits, or a person being subjected to a hostile work environment where they are constantly mistreated in a manner related to their sex. In more extreme cases, harassment can involve unwanted physical contact or assault that can also include criminal charges. Many workplaces have sexual harassment training at regular intervals to help workers maintain a working knowledge of harassment issues. 

Compensation for sexual harassment

Civil lawsuits can be necessary in some cases where the employer does not take a proactive stance and allows sexual harassment to take place. An attorney can advise whether a lawsuit is necessary based on the specific facts surrounding the incident. The compensation can depend on the specific losses such as lost income, expenses of finding a new job, and therapy or psychological counseling. However, there are also damage caps in sexual harassment cases that increase based on the size of the employer. This means that larger companies can potentially be liable for greater amounts in sexual harassment lawsuits.

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone

A common pattern for sexual harassment cases is that a male boss abuses his authority by harassing female subordinates. However, it is possible that different genders can be involved, and the victim and person responsible for the harassment can be of the same gender. An analysis for sexual harassment focuses on the conduct in question and the relevant laws do not exclude people from making claims based on their gender or other legally protected characteristics. 

Employment attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that works with local clients in The Colony and other cities in Texas. Workers who have questions can contact their attorneys to get legal advice. 

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