Far Hills, NJ Former Police Chief Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a veteran of the Far Hills, NJ borough police department claims that Police Chief Kenneth Hartman sent sexually explicit text messages to a wife of one of the department’s police officers. According to USA Today, the plaintiff, Detective Jason Shanaphy, alleges that the chief sent a series of desperate, sexual messages to his wife last year.

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The lawsuit filed by the plaintiff’s sexual harassment attorney in Superior Court in Somerville, NJ is set to tarnish the image of Hartman who has been with the force for 25 years and recently announced his retirement.

Trouble begins with sexting officer’s wife

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Hartman messaged his wife telling her of his desire to have sex with her just one time. In one of his messages, Hartman went on to blame his unspent desire to have sex with Shanaphy’s wife due to his wife having to undergo chemotherapy. The lawsuit claims that Hartman abused his public office by these actions. The plaintiff also alleges that threatening to treat a subordinate employee unfavorably if his demands were not met corresponded to quid pro quo sexual harassment that was forbidden under the Law Against Discrimination.

Hartman is portrayed as an unscrupulous seducer, a Lothario who continued to maintain a personal friendship with Shanaphy’s ex-wife after their divorce in 2008. The lawsuit alleges that the police chief then turned his attention on Shanaphy’s current wife and also targeted the spouses of other employees. Hartman’s sexual harassment attorney declined to comment. 44 year old Shanaphy is an Operation Desert Storm veteran who joined Morris County Sheriff’s office in 1994 and was recruited by Far Hills in 2003.

Kenneth Hartman should lose some of his retirement package, if not all of it

The lawsuit claims he has maintained a flawless record and was retaliated against and relegated to the position of a patrolman despite his seniority and experience while other less experienced personnel were promoted. Shanaphy also alleges that Hartman prevented him from applying for the position of an undercover narcotics detective citing that he was too young for the post.

Hufcor settles sexual harassment case filed by former female machine operator

Airwalls manufacturer, Hufcor, has agreed to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit, as reported by gazettextra.com. According to an agreement filed in a Milwaukee federal court, the company will pay $120,000 to plaintiff Katy Degenhardt who claimed she was sexually harassed while working as a machine operator at the Total Quality Plastics plant in North Prairie.


In the lawsuit filed by her sexual harassment attorney who could have been discovered on the salient legal website USAttorneys.com, Degenhardt claimed she was frequently harassed from 2009 until her termination in 2012. The Total Quality Plastics plant, which was owned by Hufcor, was shut down in November 2013.

Plaintiff claims frequent sexual harassment

In her lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that several male supervisors and employees regularly touched her inappropriately. One supervisor rubber her breasts and put his hand up her shirt in full view of another male employee. Despite filing repeated complaints no measures were taken by Total Quality Plastics and Hufcor officials to discipline the men. Instead, Degenhardt claims she was denied breaks and assigned tougher tasks.

Even though her co-workers supported her claims, the harassment continued until she hired a sexual harassment attorney. Following investigations by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a lawsuit was filed in September 2014. As part of the settlement, Hufcor has not admitted to any wrongdoing. However, they have agreed to train managers and supervisors to keep their work environment free from sexual harassment.

It has nothing to do with training, it has to do with the people you hire.