Federal Court Workers Complain About Sexual Harassment

An alarming pattern has emerged: federal employees seem to be constantly subjected to sexual harassment at the highest levels of our court system. You would think that the organization responsible for upholding our legal system would be free from these illegal acts, but this is not the case. The very individuals who are employed to make prosecute crimes like sexual harassment are the same people who are guilty of those same crimes. Why is this happening? There is perhaps no good answer. Maybe these harassers feel that because they work at these highly-esteemed courts, they believe that they are “untouchable.”

If you have been sexually harassed at work, you are fully within your rights to take legal action against those who are responsible. Whether your employer is a manager at a fast-food restaurant or a senior legal official, no one is above the law. Work with a qualified, experienced attorney who specializes in sexual harassment lawsuits, and you can hold these negligent individuals accountable. You can also receive a settlement for your damages.

Federal Judiciary Employees Make Startling Claims

On August 26th, it was reported that at least 24 current and former federal judiciary employees had come forward with startling claims about the way in which they have been treated. They claim that their workplace is a breeding ground for discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Perhaps most worryingly, they also claim that the court fails to investigate legitimate claims, and there are virtually no options for those who have experienced this kind of abuse.

What is Happening in the Federal Judiciary?

An undisclosed plaintiff has claimed that the first assistant public defender in her office sexually harassed her repeatedly and implied that she would be promoted in exchange for sexual services. This individual was eventually forced to quit after she complained, as her superiors (including her harasser) retaliated against her for speaking out.

Another female clerk claimed that her male colleague had once told her to “act more like “Monica Lewinsky,” a comment which is self-explanatory. According to the clerk, this same colleague later bragged about sexually harassing another woman. One individual claimed that a judge told her what to wear to work.

Does the Federal Judiciary Lack a Proper Reporting Mechanism?

In addition, these victims claim that the federal judiciary lacks a proper reporting mechanism for sexual harassment. These individuals claim that the dispute resolution system is not transparent enough, and they also fail to protect the confidentiality of victims. There is also a concern about limited remedies.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced attorney who can help with your sexual harassment lawsuit, there are plenty of options available. Even if you have been harassed while working at our nation’s highest courts in Washington, D.C., these legal professionals can help you pursue justice. Reach out and book your consultation today.

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