San Francisco, CA- The tech sector is once again under scrutiny after a female executive from Yahoo is being sued by a former subordinate employee who alleges her boss subjected her to quid pro quo harassment and retaliation.

The lawsuit accuses mobile executive Maria Zhang of coercing Nan Shi an engineer into a sexual relationship in order to further her career. Zhang allegedly told Shi that she could have a promising career with the tech company as long as she agreed to have sex with her. Sexual relations between the two women, according to the New York Post involved oral and online sex. Shi stated in her lawsuit that if she refused to engage in relations, Zhang threatened to away her benefits, such as stock options, vacation, and retirement, USA Today reported.

Shi’s suit also alleges that Zhang forced her to move into company housing in Sunnyvale, California, and required her to work long, “grueling” hours. Sometimes, Zhang required Shi to compose work emails on the weekends after the two had sex.

Shi also received poor performance reviews from Zhang after she refused to continue their sexual relationship. When Shi went to her superiors at Yahoo, she alleges she was placed on an unpaid leave of absence and was ultimately fired, CNET reported.

Yahoo has been named as the defendant and Shi is requesting compensation for sexual harassment, retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Yahoo is standing by Zhang, whom they described as an exemplary employee, and said they would “vigorously” defend her in court.

This is the second sexual harassment lawsuit filed against an executive in Silicon Valley in the matter of a month, and among the several to surface in the past few years.

Earlier this month, Tinder founder and marketing executive, Whitney Wolfe, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Josh Mateen, another of the company’s founders and CEO. Wolfe alleges Mateen called her derogatory names in front of coworkers and once said that having a female founder made the company look like a joke. She also accused Mateen of sending her a slew of inappropriate text messages.

Wolfe went to management about the harassment, but nothing was done and she was eventually ousted from the company.

Retaliation is such a common practice when employees come forward with allegations of sexual harassment that many people subject to this abusive behavior refuse to do anything about it. In previous studies, victims of sexual harassment said they were afraid to come forward with allegations because they felt they would be fired or punished in other ways. Despite the fact that it is a violation of federal laws, retaliation is all too common and when a sexual harassment attorney can prove retaliation, their clients could receive sizable compensation.

With the assistance of a sexual harassment attorney, a person who is subjected to repeated harassment or retaliation will have someone fighting or their rights. Having a legal expert on their side assures the harassment will end, and the victim gets the justice they deserve.