Adele Parker was awarded a sum of $183,550 by a jury at the end of a painstakingly long sexual harassment trial. The trial went on for five days and four hours before her sexual harassment attorney was successful in procuring the financial compensation they sought.

This case has once again sparked debates about the controversial topic of women having to face sexual harassment while working in predominantly male-dominated workplaces.

Tough place to work for a woman

Parker had to put up with not just one instance of abuse but repeated harassment over the years. According to the lawsuit, she initially attempted not to make a big deal about the harassment in hopes that it would not occur again but the harassment continued.

Allegedly, the male firefighters watched pornography in her presence, groped her, and would even watch her shower. Would she be upset if they completely ignored her? The lawsuit continued to list incidents of harassment that Parker was subjected to during the course of her 13-year career.

The defense attempted to taint Parkers image and character in court by claiming that she welcomed and invited such sexual conduct. Understandably, Parker and her sexual harassment attorney were outraged by these allegations.

Contrastingly, Parker was portrayed as a hard-working 32 year old woman that constantly competed against 20-year old men at the fire station. She must have had a fantastic sexual harassment attorney which could have been found at since not all firefighters are 20 years old regardless of sex.

After a lot of back and forth deliberation, the jury decided to award Parker a sum of $175,000 for pain and suffering and an additional $8,000 for past and future medical bills.

Incredibly, Adele Parker continues to work at the same fire department.

Three women who had filed sexual harassment lawsuits have now agreed to mediation

Angela Masset, Elizabeth Hunter, and Tiffany Edwards have each filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment in the Mongolia Circuit Court. The lawsuits list West Virginia University, Dr. Charles Rosen, and West Virginia Board of Directors as defendants.

Defendants plea for dismissal of case denied by Judge

The alleged perpetrators initially filed a motion to dismiss the case but Circuit Court Judge Russell Clawges denied the motion.

However, the three women have now agreed to an alternate dispute resolution in the form of mediation. The three women were all employed and worked under Dr. Charles Rosen. Their claims have now initiated an internal investigation against Rosen.

A legal representative of the listed defendants made an official statement in which he said that they would approach the mediation with good intent to settle the dispute in an amicable manner and that they hoped the plaintiffs would also keep a similar frame of mind.

One of the plaintiffs’ attorneys said that they are not concerned about liability; they just want reasonable compensation for damages. The accused doctor allegedly displayed improper sexual conduct regularly by the means of sexual jokes, unwanted flirtation, unwelcome sexual comments, and sexual innuendos.

According to the lawsuit, when the women raised their voices they were retaliated against and wrongfully discharged from their respective positions. The Circuit Court Judge has announced May 13th as the date to consider the case and to set the case timeframe.