Some of the biggest female stars in Hollywood have begun a movement, Times Up, that not only highlights the issue of sexual harassment but also aims to address it.  Many of these women elected to wear black this past Sunday at the Golden Globes award ceremony as a form of protest which has led to the #WhyWeWearBlack campaign. The goal of the campaign is to broaden the conversation about sexual harassment, according to the Sacramento Bee. While Hollywood is dealing with its fair share of sexual misconduct allegations, women in the political field also struggle with the issue. Back in October, nearly 150 women who work in politics published an open letter “denouncing a pervasive culture of harassment and abuse in California politics.”

While there has been a push for more change in politics to help reduce the number of sexual harassment accounts, female lawmakers are taking the initiative to join the #WhyWeWearBlack campaign. On January 8th, several female lawmakers wore black to the Senate and Assembly floor sessions, which was meant to extend the protest the female actresses in Hollywood initiated on the red carpet. One of the women, Cristina Garcia who is a Bell Gardens Democrat who chairs the Legislative Women’s Caucus, chose to participate in wearing the black wardrobe “to show solidarity with her “sisters” in low-paying professions.”

Many women working in fields that are considered to be low-paying professions are vulnerable to harassment and have little recourse. Many fear their employer might retaliate and they could lose their jobs. That is perhaps one of the most common reasons why individuals refrain from coming forward with their allegations. They are too afraid of losing their positions or not being taken seriously.

Although many employers are working to revamp their policies in an event to help identify and reduce sexual harassment, it appears that the #WhyWeWearBlack campaign might be the start of a much larger movement. In the past, very few harassers were faced with consequences for their unjust actions and a great deal of women who were and still are being subjected to uncomfortable working conditions are fed up. With new pathways being paved to justice, many women are choosing to now speak up and speak out.

Have you been sexually harassed at work?

If you are the victim of harassment or know someone who is, don’t hesitate to contact a local Sacramento, CA sexual harassment lawyer. Having a support system behind you can help you feel more at ease when bringing forth your allegations. Depending on the severity of the act, there are certain forms of action you can take against the alleged harasser. To get connected with a local sexual misconduct lawyer, call where you will receive help in locating some of the best attorneys in the field.

Sitting back and being quiet isn’t going to help address the issue nor will it provide you with a solution. If you aren’t sure how you want to handle the matter, at least consider speaking with an attorney who can provide you with some useful information.

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