A New York Police Department officer has claimed she was sexually harassed by her superior Lt. Jason Margolis. This is on top of being disrespected and undermined by her own mayor which all NYPD cops know about. Moreover, the city has been ordered to pay her a sum of $110,000 as compensation and the lieutenant himself has to shell out over $2,500 in this regard.

Not impressive Margolis

Jazmia Inserillo alleges that Margolis had behaved inappropriately with her on several occasions. According to the lawsuit filed against the lieutenant by her sexual harassment attorney, Inserillo was sent to the psychiatrist when she complained about the lieutenant. She claims this was retaliation for her speaking up and making allegations against her superior. It has been reported that she was sent to the psychiatrist on grounds of alcoholism.

The lawsuit alleges that Margolis often made lewd comments and inquiries about the woman’s personal life. He had also boasted about his connections with the top brass of the police force as he was then the president of the Shomrin Society of Jewish police officers. In another instance mentioned in the lawsuit, he had once attempted to massage her shoulders.

The lawsuit goes on to describe how Margolis would insist that Inserillo had to go out with him to bars, parties, and had once even driven her to his place of residence and had remarked that his wife was not home.

Margolis’ work records and files indicate that he had gotten into trouble for such atrocious behavior in the past too. In fact, he was once ordered to attend a seminar on “professionalism in the workplace”.

Inserillo’s sexual harassment attorney said in an interview that her client was satisfied with the settlement and wanted to get on with her life.

Brothers sentenced for sexual harassment of a 17 year old boy

Anthony and Joseph Resetarits have been sentenced to 120 hours of community service, 40 months’ probation, 75 days of jail time, 80 hours of community service, and 5 months’ probation respectively for an incident that occurred in September 2012 in Homer, Alaska.

The brothers changed their plea and pleaded guilty to the charges which bought an end to a case that has dragged on for the past two and a half years.

The incident occurred at an alcohol fuelled gathering where a 17-year old boy was passed out. It began with shenanigans such as writing absurdities on him but soon escalated to shaving his head and eyebrows and pulling his pants down and eventually led to him being sexually assaulted with an object.

The mob egged each other on and a lot of the kids present recorded the entire incident on their cell phones. The brothers and few others even posed for pictures behind the boy.

The younger brother’s sexual harassment attorney said that posing for the pictures was his only crime and the jury agreed.

Resetarits brothers issue public apologies

Anthony, the elder brother, confessed to the crime and took responsibility for his actions. He gave a detailed account of the events that took place as he described how he and his brother had attended the party after a high school football victory and how they had become inebriated and proceeded to violate the 17 year old boy with an object and then posed for photographs.

Both brothers issued apologies and said they were deeply sorry for their behavior and that going forward they wanted to be the kind of people that would help people in need of help.

The victim declined to make any comments.