Filner Reaches Tentative Deal in Sexual Harassment Case as another Accuser Comes Forward

San Diego, CA– San Diego’s serial sexual harasser, Mayor Bob Filner, has reportedly reached a tentative settlement in his suit with one of his accusers. The deal comes just hours after another woman has come forward accusing Filner of sexually harassing her.

The tentative settlement with one of Filner’s former aides, Irene Cormack Jackson, was reached after three days of mediations and will be considered by the City Council in a closed door meeting on Friday. The talks were overseen by former federal judge J. Lawrence Irving, U-T San Diego reported.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith emerged from the meeting and announced a deal had been reached, but would not reveal any details about the settlement.

While there are no specific details about the settlement, some sources speculate that the agreement may require that Mayor Filner resign. Special aides to mayoral candidates told U-T San Diego they were told to prepare for a special election to begin Saturday.

Jackson McCormack retained well-known attorney, Gloria Allred, to represent her and filed a suit against Finer and the city. They demanded that Filner resign in the lawsuit. Allred has announced that she will hold a press conference Thursday to announce the settlement. She will be joined by Filner’s ex-fiancé Bronwyn Ingram, who said she broke things off with him after  she caught him sending sexually explicit emails to another woman.

During the last day of settlement negotiations another woman came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Filner, bring the total number of accusers to 18. A great-grandmother and two military sexual assault victims are among his accusers.

Filner’s 18th accuser is San Diego business woman Diane York, who said that Mayor Filner grabbed her buttocks when they were doing a photo shoot 3 months ago.

York told reporters that the incident took place after a meeting in his office. She said she reported the incident to the San Diego Police Department after the incident.

“I was shocked,” York said, adding, “It was inappropriate and I was startled at the time. I have now come forward … it does take a lot of courage.”

There is also a recall campaign underway should the settlement not include a request for Filner’s resignation. The organizers of the recall must collect over 100,000 signatures before Sept. 26th. Accomplishing that, the city council will have schedule a special election within 60 to 90 days.

Filner refused to resign despite the numerous requests, saying he would undergo two weeks intensive therapy at an in-patient treatment center, but left after only five days. He has admitted to treating staffers and women poorly, but has denied there was any sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Filner has managed to dodge reporters who have been camped out at San Diego’s city Hall in hopes they can get a glimpse of the besieged Mayor. As he emerged from City Hall on his way to settlement talks Wednesday, reporters descended upon him hoping to get responses to their questions.

“Good to see you guys. Thanks,” was Filner’s only response before getting into a black SUV and driving away.

This sexual harassment scandal has vexed Mayor Filner for five weeks and the settlement will, hopefully, put the matter to rest.