Sugarcreek Township, OH-A Lieutenant for the Sugarcreek Fire Department, who was on administrative leave has been fired following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

The Xenia Gazette reports that on Wednesday of this week, Lieutenant Christopher Keene was fired from the fire department. His firing came after the township leaders contracted a third party to conduct an investigation.

The Gazette reports that Keene was promoted to Fire Captain in 2014 and was a shift commander, but he was demoted in May after sexual harassment allegations surfaced.

Firehouse reports that the township sent Keene and letter explaining that he was accused of violating the personnel policies, including sexual harassment and using abusive language about a person’s sex, age, race, nationality or religion.  He was also cited for

Keene was one of three firefighters under investigation for sexual harassment; the other two fire fighters are currently on administrative leave.

It is unclear if a civil suit has been filed against the township.

In April, a jury in New Mexico awarded a former female firefighter $180K after they found that she was repeatedly sexually harassed by some of her fellow firefighters. The woman was afraid to report her coworkers, but the harassment got worse and worse so she had no choice.

Contrary to what some people say and think, most reports of sexual harassment are not frivolous. The victims are not being overly sensitive nor do they lack a sense of humor; they report because sexual harassment can be abusive and harmful to the victims. Sexual harassment victims suffer emotional distress that hampers their job performance and creates hostility in the workplace.

In many cases the victims just want the harassment to stop so they can get can get in with their lives. They don’t necessarily want to rock the boat or get anyone in trouble, but they may not have any other choice. If a person is being sexually harassed and unsure of what the process entails, they can contact a sexual harassment attorney and get the information they need.

Study after study shows that sexual harassment can have a number of long term consequences to the victim’s mental and physical health. It’s also toxic for a workplace and leads to missed days, low morale and high turnover rates. None of which are good for an employer. Making matters worse, employers who don’t take allegations seriously impact their other workers and also expose themselves to costly litigation.

If you are facing sexual harassment, you need to speak out immediately and report the incident. That is the only way to put an end to the misconduct. By retaining a sexual harassment attorney, you will have someone on your side who will work to put an end to the harassment or discrimination you are being subjected to. USAttorneys can connect you with a sexual harassment attorney in your area so you know what your next move should be and give you the support you need.