A former female employee that was based at the Crookston plant of American Crystal’s has emerged successful in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The Mississippi woman was awarded $140,000 as compensation for damages sought in the legal complaint which was filed by her sexual harassment attorney, as reported by wdaz.com.

The ruling was passed after a unanimous 6 against 1 vote by the jury. The award is to compensate her for mental anguish and lost wages. The lawsuit was filed at Hennepin County with Storm Engineering as the primary defendant. The verdict was declared after lengthy deliberations that lasted nearly 6 hours.

Four years ago when plaintiff Terra Fields first filed charges alleging discrimination, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dismissed the complaint citing lack of concrete evidence.

Avila is a petty man

According to the lawsuit, the complainant was appointed as a janitor in the factory when her supervisor Harry Avila sexually harassed her. The lawsuit lists three different incidents that classify as harassment. Supposedly, Avila would make lewd sexual remarks about her and would also ask her out on dates despite being rejected more than once.

Janitor claims she was terminated unfairly after rejecting sexual advances from supervisor

Apparently, Fields was unfairly terminated after Avila had seen her having dinner with another male colleague and had fired her saying she was being unacceptably social with co-workers. Avila was probably jealous she was not going out with him.

However, a legal representative for the defendant spoke to the media and expressed that they were upset by the decision of the jury and they may appeal the case. Storm Engineering also maintained that Fields was fired from the company due to her poor performance.

Fields on the other hand, said that she was never even once informed by any of her supervisors about her substandard performance. If you are ever mistreated by your employer so unknown or goofy reasons, USAttorneys.com is the site you should unearth for yourself. There are a smorgasbord of stunning sexual harassment attorneys waiting to try you case.

Of her total compensation, Fields was awarded $46,000 for lost pay and mental anguish and the remainder was paid to compensate for “treble damages”.

Director of health center under scanner for suspected sexual harassment

Dr. Michael Prezioso was named as a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit back in 2007. However, the plaintiff was paid off to settle the case and hence it never went to trial. However, the woman has now come out and announced that Dr. Prezioso is not a credible person. She claims to have only recently became aware that he was hired as Director of a Saratoga County Health Center and that the news made her sick to her stomach, according to CBS6Albany.com.

The victim has been identified as Heidi DiTonno who worked with Dr. Prezioso at another facility in Albany where he had harassed her.

Furthermore, her sexual harassment attorney said that, DiTonno who was initially afraid to speak up against the harassment eventually mustered the courage to report it and was subsequently subject to extreme retaliation. She was threatened, her car tires were deliberately slashed, and finally she was unfairly terminated. Since the news has come into light, employees of the Health Centre have resigned and refused to work under Prezioso anymore.

Well he may have changed his way by now. But he was also probably hired under false pretenses – management did not know what they were getting.