You may have read about, heard of, or even seen instances of sexual harassment at the workplace, but this specific case involving former assemblyman Vito Lopez really takes the cake.

If allegations made by a sexual harassment attorney representing two former staffers are true, Vito Lopez harassed the two women not once, not twice, but a shocking 33 times!, as reported by NY Daily News. It should have never have come to this! If you face sexual harassment even once, you need to grab hold of site where there are miraculous sexual harassment attorneys waiting to hear what you have to say.

Supreme Court Judge Richard McNally Jr. has evidently agreed with the complainants and found their accusations to be valid. The judge consequentially ordered the shamed ex-assembly man to pay upwards of $330,000 in fines for his rampant harassing of the two female subordinates.

New York State Attorney General backs Supreme Court decision in sexual harassment lawsuit

State attorney general Eric Schneiderman has voiced his support and has completely backed the decision of the judge. He said in a statement that he was glad that Lopez was going to have to pay for his unacceptable antics. The judge further added that the State takes sexual harassment and discrimination complaints very seriously and that such behavior unacceptable.

A spokesman for Schneiderman also assured eager listeners that they would not leave a single leaf unturned in their efforts to recover every penny from Lopez on behalf of the people of New York.

Another crazy American verdict

Each instance of sexual harassment cost Lopez $10,000 in fines. Therefore, the 33 incidents amounted to a total of $330,000 in fines. Sounds like a good deal. One little comment and you get $10,000?! Many people are wondering where they can sign up for this?

On the other hand, Lopezs attorney has remarked that he will be appealing the ruling and also went on to say that the judges decision did not go hand in hand with the law which, he says, only allows a maximum fine of $10,000 for such a crime.

Sexual harassment claims against Northfield Councilor initiates probe

An investigative probe has been ordered, is currently on-going, and is intended to unravel the truth about sexual harassment allegations that have been made against a Northfield Councilor, according to

The specifics of the allegations and the persons involved are not yet known to the general public. However, city clerk Deb Little did respond to an e-mail requesting for detailed information about the case. Deb Little did not outline any details or allegations but maintained that as it is pending litigation, she and her office are unable to currently divulge details. She did confirm that there is in fact an investigation going on and that it is indeed against a sitting Northfield Councilor.

Some more light was thrown on the matter by Nick Haggenmiller who is a city administrator. He also declined from speaking specifics, but did confirm the on-going investigation. He also added that the probe was being conducted by a third party organization so as to avoid any sort of bias and that the investigation should be concluded within a week.

It is thought that this external committee conducting the investigation is a credible law firm and the investigation is being led by an expert sexual harassment attorney who specializes in harassment at the workplace.