New York, NY (5-13-15)- English singer Robbie Williams is about to be schooled in the ways of the American justice system now that a former assistant is suing him and his wife for sexual harassment.

TMZ reports that Gilles De Bonfilhs, assistant to Williams and his wife Ayda Field, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against his former bosses. The lawsuit doesn’t accuse Williams of the improprieties, instead it accuses Field of being the harasser.

According to the lawsuit, per TMZ, Field would walk around the couple’s Beverly Hills home in various state of undress while asking De Bonfilhs to comment on her body. The assistant, who was employed with the couple from October 2014 to January 2015, also alleges that Field would inquire about his sex life and divulge “intimate details” about her own.

To reiterate, Williams is listed as a defendant, but he has not been accused of any inappropriate behavior.

A representative for the couple said the allegations are “entirely without substance” and will be “strenuously defended,” the Daily Mail reported. The couple claims, their former assistant is “disgruntled” because he was fired.

De Bonfilhs says he was wrongfully terminated and is seeking $60,000 in compensation.

While sexual harassment lawsuits against women are not as typical as the other way around, men can be the victims of sexual harassment. According to statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 17 percent of the nearly 7,000 sexual harassment complaints received in 2013 were filed by men a 1 percent increase over the previous year. The actual number of men who are a sexually harassed is probably higher than that statistic since men, like women, are reluctant to report sexual harassment.

One of the misconceptions some harassers have is that sexual banter between coworkers is okay, but it isn’t always and some people find it very offensive. A one-off event that is addressed between two employees is not generally serious and not grounds for a sexual harassment suit. Inappropriate sexual behavior however becomes an issue if it persists and is not handled correctly. In those situations, the person being harassed is urged to consult a sexual harassment attorney in New York; they may be eligible for compensation to cover their lost wages and emotional distress.

The sexual harassment lawyers at USAtttorneys understand how embarrassed and humiliated you may feel. Their goal is to help you get justice and put an end to the harassment you have been forced to endure. You shouldn’t have to keep quiet about the daily abuse you face, but if you do, you can rely on your legal counsel to protect your rights and seek a generous settlement on your behalf.

When your employer has ignored your allegations, you can turn to a sexual harassment attorney in your area of New York to put an end to your harassment and build a winning case. Don’t hesitate to call an attorney today so they can get started on your case.