Des Moines, IA- Overly litigious racist Donald Sterling is getting taste of his own medicine in the form of a sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee and girlfriend who alleges she was fired after rebuffing his advances.

In the lawsuit, which was file Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Maiko Maya King, alleges Sterling subjected her to a “steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments,” while she was employed by the beleaguered octogenarian.

According to the complaint, King was involved in a romantic relationship with Sterling from 2005 to 2011. During that time, King was employed by Sterling to work at his foundation and she alleges that he would withhold her wages unless she consented to sexual relations he wanted to engage in, the Huffington Post reported.

Per the complaint, King ended her relationship with Sterling when she was introduced to V. Stiviano—his former lover who made the secret recordings of his racist rants—and discovered he had a sexual relationship with her.  After she ended their intimate relationship, King said Sterling asked her to be his caretaker and personal assistant.

King’s complaint also alleges Sterling would speak to her in a “vile and disgusting manner,” would masturbate in her presence, and grabbed her buttocks and breast while they were in public.

But sexually inappropriate comments and touching were not all King endured from Sterling. She also alleges that he made repeated racist comments to her, some of which concerned her husband who is African-American and whom she has three children with. In the complaint, King alleges that Sterling once asked her, “How could you be married to a black man?” and told her “black people don’t take care of their children.”

Sterling also allegedly made racists comments about Latinos, stating that “Mexicans just to drive-by shootings,” the Huffington Post reported.

King’s suit says she told Sterling his sexually-charged and racist statements were offensive and he fired her after she complained.

Well-known attorney Gloria Allred is representing King in the suit which seeks unspecified damages and attorney fees, the Los Angeles Times reported. Allred recently represented several women in their sexual harassment lawsuits against former San Diego mayor Bob Filner.

Bobby Samini, the attorney representing Sterling, said King’s allegations were “baseless,” though this isn’t the first time he had been accused of sexual harassment.

In addition to this sexual harassment suit, Sterling is currently enmeshed in a lawsuit with NBA over his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. He is accusing the league of anti-trust violations, breach of contract and denying him his constitutional rights.

Having a former sexual relationship with her boss does not exclude King from the same protections against sexual harassment bestowed to all workers. Refusing to pay her unless she engaged in sexual acts is typically referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment.

When an employee is subjected to a hostile work environment, a sexual harassment attorney will work to assure their clients are fairly compensated for the abuse they endured at the hands of a coworker or boss.