A former maitre d’ at The Loeb Boathouse in New York’s Central Park has filed a lawsuit through her sexual harassment attorney in US district court in Manhattan. According to a Reuters report, Akira Smalls, the plaintiff, has alleged she was sexually harassed and racially discriminated by the restaurant’s manager and chef and was demoted following her complaint about the same. Loeb is one of the up-market restaurants in Central Park established in the 1950s.

Plaintiff alleges sexual and racial discrimination

According to the lawsuit, the manager constantly passed sexual comments and on one occasion asked Smalls if she had any sexually transmitted diseases. She also alleges that the restaurant’s chef attempted to have sex with her after getting her drunk. Smalls, an African-American, claims that Loeb’s Greek owners discriminated against her by offering promotions to other employees of Greek descent instead of her. One supervisor allegedly went as far as telling her to change her hair to fit it more with the crowd and look less ethnic.

Owners ignore complaints against manager

Incidentally, the owners of Central Park Boathouse LLC are Greek, who are said to have told Smalls that they would not fire the manager, James Modena, despite her complaint. Instead, she was demoted and assigned lesser work hours. According to her sexual harassment attorney, Smalls seeks damages under both federal and state discrimination laws.

New York State campus sexual assault bill signed into law

As reported by lawandtheworkplace.com, the New York State Legislature has passed legislation on campus sexual assault law. According to New York sexual harassment attorneys, the legislation addresses several issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. It is now mandatory for the Department of Education to spread awareness and exercise regulations as per the provisions.

One of the provisions is that students, upon the first instance of disclosure, must gain immediate access to the Title IX Coordinator or an official trained to handle interviews with sexual assault victims. The official must have the skills to inform victims on the course of action to be taken and the importance of preserving evidence.


Some people believe Title IX should have never been created since more males want to play sports than females. On top of this, offering scholarships to females who never played that sport and taking them away from a male who has been involved in their sport for over 10 years and so on is illogical and immoral.

According to New York sexual harassment attorneys who can be found on the salient website USAttorneys.com, the new legislation also mandates that the complainant and accused have the right to request a review of any interim measures that may have an impact on them. Also to be noted is that institutions are required to have a procedure in place for nay alleged violations by a student. This includes a detailed notice to the respondent on allegations concerning the violation. In addition, complainants must reserve the right to withdraw their complaint.

If you need more information on this topic, this page can be helpful: http://employment-law.usattorneys.com/new-york/.

The bottom line is that students need to obtain consent before every sexual act while being passive does not in any way indicate consent. The bill was signed into law on July 7th and applies only to college campuses. For the most part, any violation of the law could result in criminal charges and disciplinary action. Colleges in New York have until September of next year to revise their conduct codes and policies in order to comply with the new law.

If New York really cared for college students they would lower their taxes, curb their job killing regulations,so when these students graduate they actually have a genuine, full time job rather than having to return home to their parents while working at Starbucks.