Denver, CO– NFL Films is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former female employee who alleges several bosses and coworkers subjected her to inappropriate behavior repeatedly over an extended period of time.

NFL Films Facing Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Nadia Axakowsky, who did voice-over announcements for NFL Films, filed her lawsuit this week in a New Jersey federal court. She alleges that several supervisors subjected her to inappropriate comments and over the 20 years she worked for the production company, ESPN reports.

According to ESPN, the lawsuit states that one her male supervisors who left the network in 2006 asked her out on dates repeatedly over the course of his employment. If she refused to go out with the man, he would threaten to fire her.

Axakowsky alleges that her next supervisor groped her on numerous occasions over thirteen years, ESPN reports. She alleges that he constantly referred to their looks and would try to kiss her.

She complained about her second supervisor to another manager who moved her to a remote location and eventually fires her.

NFL Films said her claims “have no merit.”

Anyone regardless of gender can face sexual harassment in the workplace, and it can create an uncomfortable and hostile environment for all workers, not just the victim. An employer should never tolerate sexually and shouldn’t ignore it unless they are willing to accept the consequences. Those consequences include being fined and monitored by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and face a civil lawsuit.

Why do Harassment Victims Wait So Long to Report?

Axakowsky said she was harassed over a long period but waited until now to file her lawsuit. When a person waits so long to file a complaint, some people question the veracity of their claims. Just because a person waits to file their sexual harassment claim, it doesn’t mean their allegations are untrue; it means they were afraid of retaliation and didn’t want to damage their careers irreparably.

In her case, NFL Films can claim that her claims have no validity and that she is simply a disgruntled employee. Filing a sexual harassment complaint can be a career killer for women, so many women tolerate the behavior just to keep their jobs because future employers may see them as troublemakers.

A person can bring a sexual harassment case at any time, even if the harassment has been going on for decades, but over time it can become harder to get proof and push back against the defense’s claims. If you are being sexually harassed at work and are afraid to file a report, recommends you speak to a sexual harassment lawyer in Colorado. They can listen to the details of your case and decide if you have a valid claim before you confront your employer or contact the EEOC.

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