Sarece Mitchell started work at an Illinois Starbucks franchise in February of 2012. At first, all was well. She loved her new job and was performing exceptionally and worked passionately. She was even told that her work exceeded expectations and so she could expect a raise and was also given the opportunity to train new employees.

As reported by Daily Mail, the good times came to an end for Mitchell. According to a lawsuit drafted and filed by her sexual harassment attorney, Mitchell was subjected to rampant and repeated sexual harassment by a male colleague for a period of more than a year.

Ostrowski is out of control

The defendants listed in the case are coffee shop giant – Starbucks and Daniel James Ostrowski. Allegedly, Ostrowski would boast about how many times he had had sex with his girlfriend over the loudspeaker at the franchise.

The lawsuit portrays Ostrowski as a very lewd and sexually provocative person. It alleges that he would physically rub his crotch against other employees, enact as if he was fingering female genitals and would then proceed to sniff his fingers and even enact the act of intercourse itself. Hindsight is 20/20 but she have at this point been on the site looking for a sexual harassment attorney. This site has some outstanding lawyers that are willing to climb a legal mountain making sure you receive the justice you deserve.

Mitchell alleges that this behavior caused her severe stress and she therefore had to take time off from work and seek medical/professional help. Furthermore, Mitchell alleges that she complained about Ostrowski’s intolerable behavior to the Human Resources department of Starbucks and she was told that her concerns would be addressed but no action was ever taken.

Starbucks employee’s work hours cut down after transfer to another outlet

According to Mitchell’s sexual harassment attorney, Ostrowski’s antics continued and Mitchell finally decided to request a move to another Starbucks franchise. Supposedly, once she was transferred to the second location her work hours and subsequently her pay was cut down drastically – she went from working 25 hours a week to getting to work maybe 4-5 hours a week. She lost her healthcare plan as it required her to work at least 24 hours a week. That is not good and it is hard to find another job amidst this ongoing and never ending recession.


After complaining and openly expressing her concerns yet again to the Human Resources section, Mitchell claims she was unfairly terminated. She is suing for economic, non-economic and punitive damages. Legal representatives of Starbucks have not answered or replied to calls seeking comment on the litigation.

US steel successful in removing sexual harassment lawsuit to federal court

The lawsuit was initially filed by Mary R. Richards on the first of May and it accused US steel of condoning sexual harassment.

According to Madison Record, recently though, attorneys representing US steel have been successful in removing the lawsuit to federal court based on the fact that the company is based in Delaware and Pennsylvania and the plaintiff is from Illinois.

The lawsuit basically alleges that Richards was subjected to sexual harassment while she worked for US steel by her supervisor named Jesse Byrd. Allegedly, Byrd would not give her sufficient tools for the job and had once walked towards her and yanked her jacket open and said “I like that”.

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