There may have not been an abundance of sexual harassment lawsuits brought in the United States, but there have been some significant judgments, according to sexual harassment attorneys.

Sexual harassment cases rarely reported

Beth Mintz, a professor of sociology at the University of Vermont, believes the evil of sexual harassment is all pervasive although lawsuits are rare. Surveys conducted by highly regarded CBS News / New York Times Poll in the US have shown that 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 women have experienced something they believe to be sexual harassment. Well, perhaps men and woman should not work with either if it is not that bad. Also, woman are guilty of this too.

Sexual assault cases are rampant too in college campuses and in the military and about 60% of the cases go unreported, according to Mintz. There is also many false accusations as well Beth such as what just happened at the Univ. of Virginia.

A little over 7,000 cases of sexual harassment in the United States were reported in 2013 to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to Mintz.

Fired for complaining

In Vermont, two women who were fired for complaining about persistent sexual harassment at FireCo LLC, the Tennessee-based company that raises money for the Professional Firefighters of Vermont, are filing a lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit was filed at the Vermont Superior Court against FireCo, Century II Staffing USA Inc., a human resource company contracted by FireCo, and manager, William Calvin, and Matthew Chapman. The two former employees, Victoria Luke, 24, and Eliza Bradford, 34, worked in the South Burlington office of FireCo. According to the sexual harassment attorney representing Luke and Bradford Matthew Chapman has been difficult to trace.


Repeated harassment

Calvin allegedly sent offensive text messages and scribbled lewd word games on donor cards. A cartoon, which depicted Luke as a muscular man wearing a string bikini, with her boyfriend who was made to look effeminate, hanging from her leg was one of the evidences submitted by Luke.

Bradford was fired after she repeatedly complained about the sexual harassment to Matt Vinci, the former president of the Professional Firefighters of Vermont. Luke took over after Bradford was fired, and Calvin insisted that she tell the visiting investigator from the state Attorney General’s Office, that FireCo was a fantastic place to work for women and that no incidences of sexual harassment took place in the office.

Luke did as she was told, and before long was harassed by Calvin and other male coworkers. Luke also reported an incident in which she was spanked with a ruler in front of six other employees by Chapman.

Calvin should be punished

Calvin at one point is alleged to have told Luke that he enjoyed her outfit and that she looked like a “sexy pirate”. Luke said that both she and Calvin would be alone in the morning before others arrived, and Calvin took advantage of the fact. She said that he once stood next to her and said that he enjoyed their alone time together. Calvin’s repeated advances and other such acts by co-workers had become unbearable and she decided that something had to change.