Dionne Cooper is the name of Harvey Park’s ex-district director. Cooper was terminated from her position in 2014 where the reason cited for her removal was – embezzlement and financial foul play. However, as on the 19th of May 2015, Cooper has filed a lawsuit through her sexual harassment attorney alleging that she was sexually harassed.

As reported by Sun Times, the lawsuit names Harvey Park District as the principal defendant and a man and former co-worker named Anthony McCaskill has specifically been named in the lawsuit as a co-defendant.

The lawsuit was filed in a US District Court. According to the claims made in the lawsuit, Cooper outlines that the rampant harassment initially began in June of 2013 when McCaskill was unanimously voted into Harvey Park District’s Board of Commissioners.

Should men and woman travel together?

Allegedly, in 2013 in the month of October, Cooper and McCaskill embarked on a journey together to attend a conventional meeting in Houston. She claims that while they were checking in, McCaskill asked her to ensure that there wasn’t too much distance between their two rooms. He insinuated sexual advances and made this statement in a very provocative and sexual tone.

Sexual harassment lawsuit also claims damages for defamation

Furthermore, Cooper is also seeking damages for alleged defamation since McCaskill had resorted to the social media website Facebook to upload a post saying that Cooper had used the district debit card to make illegitimate purchases worth almost $40,000 and had even forged one of the commissioner’s signatures onto a check to embezzle money. In the lawsuit, Cooper alleges that these allegations were completely fabricated by McCaskill and that he was launching a personal agenda against her as she had rejected several of his inappropriate sexual advances.

Cooper was eventually fired in the fourth quarter of 2014 almost a year after the Houston hotel incident. She claims that even though her firing was a joint decision taken by all the commissioners on the board, it was McCaskill that was the mastermind behind her firing and had unfairly influenced other members against her.

The lawsuit seeks over $300,000 in economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. If you want outstanding representation in a sexual harassment case, some of the sexual harassment attorneys in this neck of the woods can be found right here: USAttorneys.com.


Hanna Bouveng’s $850 million lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct is irrational

One of Wall Street’s top financial firm’s New York Global Group has recently learnt that their CEO, Benjamin Wey, a Chinese-American man has been hit with a shocking sexual harassment lawsuit which seeks over $850 million in compensation for damages.

Benjamin Wey – what are you thinking?

According to Wantchinatimes.com, the lawsuit was filed by the sexual harassment attorney of a Swedish woman named Hanna Bouveng. Bouveng was appointed by Wey as his Marketing Chief even though she had no prior experience in the field of marketing.

The plaintiff claims that Wey not only hired her, but also got her a luxury apartment to stay in and paid it’s rent, which was $3,600 per month. Bouveng and Wey had met at a party in the Hamptons.

Bouveng claims that Wey only did all these things for her as he was clearly infatuated with her and all he wanted to do was have sexual intercourse with her. So? How is this worth $850 million? If she was unhappy with the arrangement, many people are wondering why she did not move out?

She must want to get rich like Elin Nordegren did who is also from Sweden. But Elin’s situation was entirely different.