Former Life Alert Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment at Company Office

Syracuse, NY– A former employee for Life Alert, the company that makes fall detection systems for the elderly, alleges in a lawsuit that he was subjected to retaliation because he complained about sexual harassment at one of the company’s offices in Manhattan.

In his lawsuit, 72-year-old Leon Hayblum alleges that Life Alert wrongfully and unlawfully terminated his last year after 12 years of service because he repeatedly complained about the sexual harassment he witnessed, Yahoo News reported.

Hayblum also alleges that his firing also occurred after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was undergoing radiation therapy which he said did not affect his ability to work. He also alleges that the personally witnessed the sales manager at the Manhattan office regularly sexually harass female sales associates. Yahoo News reports that Hayblum suit states the sales manager would promise women raises, promotions and other perks, those who refused his advances were punished.

Hayblum is seeking $7 million for sexual harassment, retaliation, and age discrimination.

Sexual harassment can in include unwanted comments, touching, and advances or a sexual nature.  Requesting sexual favors in exchange for pay raises, promotions, etc. is referred to as quid pro quo harassment, which Hayblum alleges was going on at the Life Alert offices.

Most workers at one time of another has heard a sexually charged joke or compliment. Maybe a coworker touched them inappropriately just. Or, been complimented on a part of their body like their breasts. Those incidents may have been troubling, but happened only once or was stopped because someone spoke up. A singular incident is not enough grounds for a civil suit. But repeated and pervasive harassment is, and a victim can seek compensation for their emotional distress.

Firstly, the sexual harassment victim must report incident of harassment or discrimination to their employer so they have an opportunity to investigate and make the necessary corrective actions. An employer must be given the chance to determine if a complaint is legitimate and punish the harasser. Employers are legally obligated to address any behaviors that create a hostile work environment.

However, many employers ignore complaints, never investigate and fail to discipline a harasser. And even worse, some employers actually discipline the person who filed a complaint instead. Retaliation is common and employers often subject sexual harassment victims to additional harassment, cutting their hours or firing them. Retaliation

It is only after an employer has failed to take action against a harasser can an employee retain a New York sexual harassment attorney and file a civil suit on their behalf. They understand how to build a convincing suit and will be dedicated to getting their client justice.

Under federal and New York state law, sexual harassment victims are eligible to seek compensation from their employers for their lost wages, any medical bills they incur and emotional distress caused by the behavior. A sexual harassment attorney in New York will stand by their clients and work tirelessly to ensure they receive a generous settlement for their emotional distress.