Removed from business meetings

After years of continued sexual harassment and gender discrimination, Ellen Pao, decided to complain and in retaliation, her email address was removed from email discussions and kept out of business meetings, according to a sexual harassment lawsuit she has filed against Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, where she was a partner.

Pao is an electrical engineering graduate from Princeton University. She also attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. She was previously employed at other companies, including Microsoft and currently is the CEO of Reddit, the micro blogging site. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers hired Pao as chief of staff to John Doerr, the general partner in 2005.

Continued sexual harassment

A married junior male partner made sexual advances towards her during a business trip to Germany, according to Pao’s lawsuit. He allegedly told her that his wife had left him and forced her to have an affair with him, according to the documents. Although she initially refused, she later succumbed to the pressure and had a brief affair, but terminated it soon after. However, Pao claims that this partner continued to harass her over the years.

They sent her to Germany – they gave her this opportunity.

Another partner told her that she should marry the man who was harassing her, when she complained about the harassment to the partners, according to the lawsuit. That is an incredible statement and belief. What type of person would say that?

She is suing the firm for $16 million for future wage losses and back pay. But does anyone else believe her?

Spotlight on Silicon Valley’s workforce

There is a dearth of women, blacks, and Hispanics at tech firms in the Silicon Valley, according to Kellie McElhaney who is a professor at the Haas School of Business. Now part of this is because of culture though and the sorry state of public schools in America dictated by teachers’ unions who care more about job preservation that what is right for the children and political correctness. It is too bad President Obama is an advocate or a victim of political correctness and is a big supporter of teachers’ unions and not implementing personal responsibility to the students and standards.

This leads to minorities not having the acumen and confidence to compete on an international stage. Sexual harassment attorneys state that as per an analysis reported in the Fortune only 4.2% of partners at venture capital firms were female.

Because of this case, the spotlight is now on the tech industry’s workforce and how many white, Asian, and male constitute the workforce. Women, blacks, and Hispanics are in the minority in tech industry, according to sexual harassment attorneys. The industry hires who is qualified; unfortunately political correctness and a lazy educational system is pushing forth into society thousands of young adults who do not have any substantial skills.

Is Ellen Pao telling the truth?

Is Ellen Pao telling the truth?

Pao’s fight would pave the way for other women to come out in the open too, according to McElhaney.

In its response, the firm has denied the allegations and has said that the complaint from Pao was received only in 2011. The lawsuit filed by Pao says that a senior partner told her in 2011, that women do not have the personality that is required to steer the firm to success, since they are more docile. The firm insists that Pao was asked to resign on the basis of her poor performance.

In 2011, the company conducted an investigation into her allegations and concluded that there was no merit to them. The lawsuit was completely baseless according to the spokeswoman of KPCB, Christina Lee, who said that the company had a record of championing women.

Pao was labelled as passive in her performance reviews and was told to be more vocal and proactive, according to the documents filed by the KPCB.

How many supporters does Pao have? Who sides with her?

Pao said in her lawsuit that the company practiced discrimination against women, and there were two crucial dinners that women were not allowed to attend.